WhatIfGaming E3 ’08: Killzone 2 Multiplayer Details

Killzone 2 is simply amazing. The single player embroils players in the shoes of ISA’s badass Sev. The graphics are detailed, the environment is immersive, and the textures are speckless as of late. So, we are all certain and aware by now that ever since the graphical set mark of the E3 05′ trailer, Killzone 2 has come pretty close. Well, close enough to have them compared for eyes side by side.

But where does the multiplayer fit in? According to SCEA, the multiplayer will have the following modes: Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Objective-Based, and a couple of other typical shooter modes. Naturally, this rings to the immutable question of whether or not the game will follow with the evolution of multiplayer experiences. Killzone 2 will have an online co-operative experience via downloadable content. It seems that the question of whether it will be integrated in the retail version of the game itself, confirmed for a release date of March 2009, is sort-of pending. The game is close to completion, and there is still no online co-op even being developed if SCEA has anything to do about it.

But fear not, it is looking extremely probable within months of March 2009 for this beautiful recreant show off title.

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  1. Wow. They better include it!

  2. Omg SWEET

  3. If they don’t…it’s clobbering time..


  5. Very excited to see the videos WhatIfGaming has for us. Should be a lot, and more exciting than ever this year. Please hurry : (

  6. Can’t wait for this in my house

  7. TY TY TY! THIS MULTIPLAYER STUFF was driving me crazy! No one has it.

  8. Stay here for the video preview AND MORE details on our written preview right here at WhatIfGaming/”WiG” as people call us now.

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