WhatIfGaming E3 ’08: Resident Evil 5 Preview

Resident Evil 5 Preview: E3 2008

Resident Evil 5 horrifies the player into a surreal world set in Africa where the local population has been infected with some sort of malignant disease that turns them very very angry. Chris Redfield, agent of the BSAA is sent to investigate the dangerous and barren lands. While exploring the continent through a tirade of a zombie deluge, players will learn to adapt to the beautifully crested environments and manage to survive with the help of their partner Sheva Alomar, a trusted partner and an agent of West African branch of the B.S.A.A. that will help make the journey easier. Though the decapitations, guts feasting, and axe gore is an ugly scene, the game itself makes even something so horrific imbued with a sickingly gruesome patina.

The game wastes no time to get the action seeping through your brain. For one level, we start off at a fence path along the backdrop of a house. Soon after, yells and screams can be heard as the main speaker believes that an uninfected will be sent to “Jahnum,” or in other words: hell. Our moment under the damp shadows is short lived and here comes the party. The zombie villagers are desultory to approach, but eventually burst in with their evil faces. Time to get shooting.

For people familiar to Resident Evil 4, the controls will not feel any stranger. The controls are basically the same with a few changes in mind. Since we demoed it on the PS3 version, we will list the controls here as a special details circumstance:

Run: L1+ Forward

L1: Aim

L1 + Square = Fire

Reload : L1 + X

Call Partner: Circle

Square: Action

Triangle: Close Inventory/open

The controls are more fluid this time around, but there’s still one issue to be had by most even on the Capcom forums. The shooting. Admittedly, the shooting is fine for anyone who picks up the control and learns the buttons. The problem that most seem to end up having is that there is no realism to the fact that Chris Redfield or anyone in the RE 5 world stands dead still when they start shooting. True to a sense, but it’s worth noting for a fact that the developers wanted to have an increased sense of divagation to stress the factor of a survival horror instinct. Even though the controls for shooting seem to be somewhat negative at first, they end up rising above expectations to the games core direction while keeping the action as formative as ever.

Something different about RE 5 is the partner system. Along with an increased amount of foes comes an increase in the help you get. Sheva will follow you around, mainly collect ammo for you, and just be there to help kick some zombie ass. That doesn’t mean that she’s going to be an idle A.I. shooting from a distance. She’s not afraid to get right in the mix and at times will need your help as indicated by a flashing yellow radar icon on her body as well as outlined by the word “Help” in yellow and highlight red. While it’s great to have an additional partner in the outskirts with you, it’s even better to have one that knows what it’s doing. Capcom managed to nail this bullet right to the blueprint’s head.

Resident Evil 5 developers are stressing the increase of the prescient A.I. this time around. They aren’t just aimless and getting stuck near a wall. They’re coming for you and will adjust to your combat when needed. They carry all sorts of different weapons, and most have the same tough fighting style as before. Everything A.I. related is detailed and accurately makes these zombies believable.

Resident Evil 5 Preview: E3 2008

The sounds in Resident Evil 5 are unexpected. Shoot in different areas of the bodies, not only will the zombies react as a result of increased A.I. scripting, but the sound that the game’s engine puts off is suited for the particular area. With literally 1/3 of the game being sound alone, it’s important to make a distinguishing and sometimes gradating factor.

Resident Evil 5 takes the unforeseen and turns it into a painful display. With few to no problems that can be spotted, it’s looking good for Capcom for this title. The zombies are far more advanced this time around and the sounds make you want to high tail your ass out of that room if it’s dark enough. Eventually, after a few minutes or so, you will find your way back in to try some more.

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  1. Sounds epic. And hopefully plays as epic.

    Monolith2001 replied on July 16th, 2008 2:25 AM:

    WhatIfGaming details it by the mm. Of course it does.

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  5. Wow. this game has me going crazy

    wiseguy272 replied on July 16th, 2008 2:22 AM:

    Must have this. Same here man

  6. When the hell can i get this ; (!

  7. Can’t wait here

  8. So exciting = D

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  11. Amazing

  12. Nice preview

    wiseguy272 replied on July 16th, 2008 2:21 AM:

    I can’t wait for this fucking game argghh

  13. can’t wait to buy this

  14. Looks amazing

    Monolith2001 replied on July 16th, 2008 2:25 AM:

    I agree there wise

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