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Killzone 2: Helghast Night

Killzone 2 is capable of making anyone athirst for it is raw gameplay power and brilliance. Set after the events of the first iteration, Killzone 2 follows the story of an ISA Alpha squad leader named Sev through the lurid soils of the battlefield. This time, the war is taken to the planets that the Helghast take as shelter and call home, bringing about a deluge of vengeful retribution and convivial glory to camaraderie in unity. Killzone 2 plays seamlessly in our preview, and does a great job at it.

Killzone 2 brings the key factors from aspects of graphics, storyline, and immerses the player to that depth. The convoy lands in midday for this level as the air is filled with the brimming sounds of the injured and dying. The situation is looking dire and you’re backup. You jump out, the gun is loaded and it is time to take the fight to another level. Cannon blasts are dampening the lands in the distance and everything here is dynamic. Standing for a whole 10 minutes is difficult when talking about Killzone 2, but anyone who does that will see the defining characteristic of a non-scripted fire action in the scenery. No cannon lands the same place the same time, and the views of the hovering crafts of ISA above is a sight to see.

While the main bravado of Killzone 2 lies within the nonchalance of the graphical expectation, there is an overlooked aspect of sheer A.I. power that made our play time with Killzone 2 a really special one. The enemies aren’t scripted in combat (exceptions to some moments), everything happens differently the next time around. Different strategems and everything takes place in a battlefield just as it does in the contraposition to the relevance of graphical limits. As you scale the lands, a Helghast may pop up and think it has the upper hand until you lodge a bullet into his right leg. He reproachingly grabs it, and lets out a little muffle of pain. Keep shooting, and the blood pours. Blood in this game goes far beyond a set limit. The level of pain something incurs as a result of your combat is not just limited to foes. We will not ruin the surprise here, but leave you with an opportunity: try and shoot your teammates. See what happens.

Killzone 2: Team Work

The objectives as the game progresses is generally laid out with the traditional A to B standpoint and checkpoint. In order to tell the story and lead the player in a certain direction, the gameplay has to also follow for a clear cut direction. Progressively, the missions and objectives become more testing and requires skillful dodging of rocket launchers to the head and many other intricacies we will not reveal here.

The audio in Killzone 2 is purely phenomenal. Thanks to our vast knowledge of hardware reviews regarding sound, we can tell easily when a 48KHz sound is transfigured to sound like something else, and when sneaky tactics are being used to replay the sound in a different pitch for a different scale in the environment. Killzone 2 rest assured puts the sounds at equal expectations to that of the rest of the game itself. Every gun has a unique sound, and even under different situations the sound changes. The overall volume of sounds form a plethora of increased value and makes Killzone 2 an attractive audible piece.

With tremendous graphical achievements, detailed storyline, depth of A.I., and an array of sounds, Killzone 2 plays tremendously for a first person shooter and thinks creatively. Overall interactivity through the operational objective based storyline flows in to the macrocosm of the world that you’re hurled into. It is not just about shooting bad guys, but it is about getting a feel for war, for the sheer rush and blithe frustration that crucial situations bring. Above all, it is about the guy next to you. The soldier who gives his life for the team.

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