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WhatIfGaming 2012 Game Of The Year Awards

While in the past we have used Bestof.whatifgaming.com to announce our winner, we want to aim for more simplicity this year and skip right to the winner of our awards panel’s decision. Every year passes by along with the new releases of that year, but few titles remain an exception and stay in our hearts forever. The WhatIfGaming 2014 Game of the Year title is the best in what it does and should be played at least once by anyone that seeks the best. The WhatIfGaming Game of the Year Award has descended from the sky once again to graciously token its honor to only the most worthy video game titles, and creators. Part of the “WhatIfGaming Prizes,” considered the Nobel prizes of gaming, the WhatIfGaming Game Of The Year Award is a prize emblem trophy chosen with extreme care and precision by notable industry developers and lastly finalized by the WhatIfGaming Team personally. 2014 is over, as sad as it is to say. It is time to look ahead but still look back time to time and remember 2014.

Our Game Of The Year 2014 is

Dragon Age: Inquisition – while the title has issues in its linear fetch side-quest structure, it does what no other title in 2014 did – redeem its franchise and create an engaging story with so many memories to be had just like the grandfather of the franchise family – Dragon Age: Origins. Congratulations BioWare!

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