WhatIfGaming June 09′ Giveaway: Let’s Get Ready To Fight!

WhatIfGaming Giveaway: June 2009

As if gaming season cannot get any greater with coverage of Prototype, Overlord II just recently published, and the annual WhatIfGaming E3 2009 Awards, WhatIfGaming hosted an enormous giveaway that would make Julius I look like an amateur on Roman Holiday.

WhatIfGaming is graced with a very well educated and enormous readership that has developed throughout the years, and we decided to celebrate them with a special giveaway. The candidates came from our e-mail’s combined which average quite a bit of e-mail that it always takes us a good 5 minutes to load on a T3 connection! Despite this, a winner was chosen.

Criteria: Have to have e-mailed us consistently for 4 months straight.
Prize Winner was given 4 options: Pick any game in the past, present, or future that you want, and we give it to you!

As such, a smart man by the name of Canston Noel in Canada decided to choose Fight Night Round 4, based on our fantastic review of it.

Good choice Canston. Good choice. Enjoy your copy of Fight Night Round 4, with one day-weekend shipping based at our own expense.

I'm all about one thing: reviews that are easy to understand and make sense of.

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