Haze Can Never Be Any Clearer

All we have known about the storyline for the futuristic first-person shooter Haze has been that it follows three days in the life of Shane. A soldier working for mega corporation, Mantel Global Industries, in the year 2048. By that time in the future, most governments have apparently outsourced their armies to private corporations. With Mantel sending Shane deep into South America to deal with a rebel group calling itself the Promised Hand. But, apparently, there is much more to be known after the jump!

Publisher Ubisoft has used its presence with a major new plot twist to developer Free Radical’s game. It seems Shane will not be completely happy with Mantel, and will switch sides to the rebel with Promised Hand about halfway through the game. Since the are two different teams you will be switching to, there is a few things you need to know about them. The Promised Hand will enable some completely new game play mechanics, as well as bring up some disadvantages(Loss of nectar). For those of you who have followed Haze coverage, you will know that the soldiers of the Mantel corporation are pumped full of a substance called Nectar, a performance-enhancing drug that bestows enhanced abilities, such as greater resistance to damage and higher speed.



It also adds other special abilities, such as a powerful melee blast attack, better perception that allows you to more easily spot enemies, higher focus for easier targeting, and more. However, when Shane finally switches to the rebels, his use of Nectar will stop, which leads to the removal of all the benefits the drug brings. Damn! Just when you thought you had a drug that provides everything you would ever need. It always has its downfall though. For instance not seeing you killing your allies. Beurk! What if the Promised Hand had a drug that did not have a downfall? Then what would you think? Overall, WhatIfGaming is just doodling forward to juicing ourselves with nectar the more we play the near-finished preview build.


  1. Cant wait for this game :)

  2. Same here!

  3. Great Preview.

  4. I have had this game pre-ordered for like nine months, this is the only FPS I have ever been excited about, great preview, love the site

  5. I can’t wait for this game. It just looks great

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