WhatIfGaming’s Overall Best Of E3 Awards 2008

WhatIfGaming Best Of E3 2008 Awards

Another year and another awards season. E3 was packed with exciting memories you have all seen (some still to be posted), and rooms filled with the hottest and most anticipated titles to date. It was certainly a great time, and now that time is over. It is time to look forward, ahead to newer and better releases, and to ennoble titles in this year’s WhatIfGaming’s Best Of E3 Awards 2008.

Criteria: The Best of E3 Awards, a subcategory for the WhatIfGaming Prizes, are given solely to those video games that demonstrate a pure excellence in the field for which they are not only nominated but also chosen. These awards only apply to playable games at E3 given a few exceptional categories.

Nomination & Selection Process: Compared with other site awards, the WhatIfGaming Prize nomination and selection process is long and extremely rigorous. This is the sole reason why WhatIfGaming Prizes have grown in importance over the years to become the most important prizes in their field. Forms, which amount to a personal and exclusive invitation, are sent to about over 1,000 selected individuals to invite them to submit nominations months in advance from the latest builds per video game. Self-nominations are disqualified. For WhatIfGaming Prizes, inquiries are sent to such people as developers, industry experts, analysts, freelance journalists among others. After our deadline passes, the nominations are chosen by permanent committee of 5 selected individuals and only the final stage of nominees remain per category. From all of these, a winner is chosen.

The names of the nominees are not publicly announced, and neither are they told that they have been considered for the WhatIfGaming Prize. Some are announced publicly by practice. Nomination records are revealed approximately 2 years after each respective award year.

WhatIfGaming E3 2008 Awards: Best Action Game

Best Action Game:
Left 4 Dead

Developer: Valve Software
Publisher: Valve Software
Release Date: Winter 2008

Action titles were far to everywhere this E3, but one happened to bite our interests. Literally. Left 4 Dead was full of life when we played it and managed to achieve an unparalleled amount of realism with an unique art direction and moreover gameplay that people of all ages and of all online gaming communities have been craving for.

WhatIfGaming E3 2008 Awards: Best Action Game

Runner(s)-Up: Resident Evil 5 (Capcom), Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (LucasArts)

Other Nominees: Fallout 3 (Bethesda Softworks), SOCOM: Confrontation (SCE), Resistance 2 (SCE), Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty (SCE), Fracture (LucasArts)

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  1. 2010 for full list people!

  2. I’ll be there

  3. 1,000 People Initial, then a committee

  4. That was insane! loved it

  5. Amazing stuff

  6. I was WOW-ed

  7. Speechless actually. Wasn’t here until a couple of good months ago. Thanks

  8. Totally agree to all of them

  9. Best awards ever. No doubt. So it’s not just 4 or 5 dudes in a small office picking all of them? It’s 1 THOUSAND before E3 AND finally at E3…NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

  10. This was just so magnificent and munificent.

  11. Fallout 3 Action rocks. I love it when you go into the school, and you have to run with a timer.

  12. All the selections make sense. Not too sure about The Conduit (Wii) as runner-up!

  13. Amazing once again. This really deserves accolades

  14. Well more so than they already have I mean

  15. Agreed: Won’t spoil it here…but GAME OF SHOW = ABSOLUTELY true. Was Gears 2 playable ?

  16. Gears 2 would have won best 3rd person shooter no doubt had it been playable

  17. Can’t wait for GOTY Awards!!!

  18. This was just super cool

    RadianceGraphics replied on July 21st, 2008 5:11 PM:

    Without any doubt in my mind. These are always the best awards I see every year

  19. I agree with MOST of these. Some I want to disagree with. Like LEFT 4 dead over fallout 3, but seeing both…it’s definitely hard. And I can see why 1,000 people partake in these WhatIfGaming Prizes every year

  20. Killzone 2 by far has the right tech. No doubt.

  21. Pretty good choices I think. Lots of great games coming out in the next year.

  22. 1,000 for preliminaries. No doubt a great choice.

  23. Really loved these awards. Awesome stuff guys

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