Why No Man’s Sky Is A No Man’s Buy


Personally having played No Man’s Sky 5 times now, I just don’t get the point. Hello Games’ Sean Murray (the lead founder) keeps saying he wants this to be some fantastical experience. A game that makes you question man’s place in the world, to look up at the sky and…oh yuck. Even I couldn’t keep up with that PR nonsense much more. In all honesty, No Man’s Sky just feels like a game where you are walking around a Spore simulator. It’s just a poor representation of a sci-fi game as it currently stands. They have shown a lot of things in trailers, but in reality after playing the game a few times it’s easy to see how lackluster it is. There’s just no real design around the game. Nothing to do, no real objective. So what’s the point? Having a big universe that’s procedurally generated off a finite asset list?

Right now everyone is smoking a form of serious hype – especially the YouTubers. So much speculation on what this game is…when really to me this game is just nothing more than a $19.99 purchase. That’s it. It’s no surprise they delayed it to August. They need all the time they can get because they’re realizing one thing: “Oh crap…we BSed our way into making this game seem like it’s the holy grail…”

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