Wi-Fi Innovation: WRT54G2

There are so many routers out there today for Wi-Fi users that picking one is definitely a drag. Shines among that sea of routers is the Linksys WRT54G2, which combines elegance with high capability performance in the community of routers today.


Equipped with a sleek design, the WRT54G2 comes with premium support and suppleness to make networking and communication through devices flawless. The primary router itself includes support for the 802.11g, 802.11b, 802.3, and 802.3u standards and comes equipped with one 10/100 RJ-45 internet port, and 4 additional Ethernet ports for amazing versatility between wired and wireless connections that make it different and worthwhile. The heart that really sets this bad boy apart from others makes it not only ideal for usability, but a bonus for design as well. There are absolutely no hideous antenna’s sticking out of it. Not that antenna’s are hideous, but this router clearly demonstrates that antenna-less is working, and exceeding expectations.Certainly unique, the communication device has a unique internal antenna array for wide range Wi-Fi support that allows quick and easy communication.

Easy As Sleek

Easiness is a thing which often forebodes hidden messages, and is usually never what it seems. The definition changes with this router. The box comes with compact and easy to follow directions, and there are seals that make sure installation is easy so as long as an experienced Wi-Fi user is setting it all up.Just in case someone forgets, there’s a lengthy seal crossing out the ports that explains the user should install the CD and follow the directions first without ever plugging in an Ethernet jack. Just in case you’re doing something wrong, you will always know and most likely be aware due to the tepid user instructions. The CD prompts with start, and then provides a 4 step install instruction guide. It’s not all packed together. It’s really easy as 1-2-3-4, and Linksys does a great job making it so.

Keeping the modem on as stated, we unhook the modem’s Ethernet jack and plug it into the internet jack.Following that, we install the Ethernet jack from the router to our PC’s and plug in our power source. Every point-blank icon comes on respectively with each jack, and the world representing the internet lights up in the dark. The Linksys EasyLink Advisor Setup Wizard checks the settings, configures the router, and then follows up with 2-3 prompts about the user’s internet connection setup.At this point the router is perfectly configured, but the LinkSys Advisor furthermore takes you into setting up the specific details right from the installation get go. Hey, there’s no excuse for lost cases here. It’s just that intertwined and presents itself elegantly.

The Linksys WRT54G2 Wireless-G Broadband Router manages to make for something different and new through its amazing set of functions and connectivity in managing networks and devices through a delightfully detailed router and a resourceful connection base.Setup is speedy and doesn’t serve to hovel details needed for maximum performance and interconnectivity. Cisco Systems Linksys aimed to create something that Wi-Fi users can be glad having and using, but most importantly something that Wi-Fi users can feel comfortable with. No one should be afraid to pop out a couple of soda’s and surf the web together with this router.

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  1. God…I just bought this. It’s right on and spot on to the review. Awesome. I tell ya, people who have wired connections have worse internet than me on the PC. It’s hilarious.

  2. Just bought it with the adapter. They work hand in hand. Awesome!

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