Wii Can’t Stop With Old People

And them loving the Wii. As we previously covered, old people are loving the Wii because it improves the quality of their life. But what’s more is the amazing advantage it is giving them in terms of exercise through Wii.

Ada Morrison, 97, lived for the past 10 years at the Sarah Reed Retirement Center, and requires a wheelchair to get around for her daily activities.

Krista Peeters, a Sarah Reed social worker, rushed Morrison to try a Nintendo Wii bowling game to raise her spirits. To her surprise, Morrison actually loved it.

Oh, that was fun. I was surprised that I got a spare. I think this will be very popular.

Really. You think? Yeah, maybe Ada..just maybe. From the looks of it, these people would agree:

Wii Popular? Get Out.

Wii Workouts Keep Residents In Shape

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  1. Personaly, I believe geriatric’s should be restricted from play video games, as much as they should be from driving. The fact of the matter is, as much as an elderly individual may enjoy Wii gaming in the depths of a retirement home, water aerobics is far more suitable for this age group in my mind.

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