Wii Improves Quality of Life? Get out..

I’m not fan of old people. Why? Cause they always blame problems on us. If we’re not too stupid then we’re too violent. I swear, every time they say that it makes me want to punch em’ in the face, cause it’s not true! I had a change of heart about old folks after I read an interesting article recently. Cabinet is my favorite furniture-inspired newspaper, (Eat that Credenza Times! Your reign of infamy is coming to an end, bitch) and the fact that they’re advocating to seniors to get into gaming almost makes me want to actually buy their paper. But, this news piece goes way beyond video. Capone said:

Patients have even become good friends using the Wii. You wouldn’t think a video game would do that.

Bravo, Al Capone, for feeding these seniors truth through their feeding tubes. It’s no secret that seniors are the grouchiest muthaf***ers on the face of the planet. Their years of living in a non-gaming hellhole have made their souls darker than my morning java. If the Wii can ‘coffee-mate’ their souls into a tolerable but still pissant mocha color, then maybe there’s hope for these sorry noobs yet.

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  1. This is too funny…

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