Winner of E3 2008 Conferences: No One

Constantly murmers are everywhere regarding which console leaders conference was the best in terms of presentation and pure content. Everyone downright agrees that Nintendo was “the worst” and there is a whole lot of jumble about Microsoft and Sony.

Microsoft recently announced the multiplatform version of Final Fantasy XIII for North America and Europe,  but it just is not enough to get blood boiling. Microsoft has sold literally 19 million Xbox 360’s and it is a number that’s hard to refuse. The placement of titles from Square Enix are numerous with Star Ocean 4 as a more than likely timed exclusive for the Xbox 360 console, and a general shift in more production towards the 360’s database. This increased relationship goes hand in hand with the unexpected, which is why some people were left far from surprised.

Sony’s conference didn’t have the best in its arsenal either. The conference began almost rather as a marketing pitch than anything worthwhile about the games themselves. We get it. “Playstation 3 is the next big thing,” “2008 is the year of the Playstation 3,” but that progress just seemed to regurgitated. Instead, how about feeding us something new? Something other than LittleBigPlanet, which we know is simply marvelous and full of effulgence. Show the public demonstrations of the games for the closed door conference held on July 15th, 2008. Same as Microsoft’s condition, Sony takes the liberty to flash us Kratos within minutes of the presentation, and things couldn’t be more obvious. Some of the Underground members even started yelling out “God of War III.” But hey, they tried.

As for Nintendo…well, we know about that.

Through the hordes that are these 3 conferences, we see that each and every one has their flaws and overall ups and down. There is not always 1 winner, and sometimes being a little bit better just does not cut it.

I'm all about one thing: reviews that are easy to understand and make sense of.

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