Women DO Play Video Games! Woman Gets Caught In A WOW Love Affair.

Guess this proves it, Women do play video games. How else could an Aussie lady get caught trying to go down town with a 17 year old she met while playing World of Warcraft? You truly do learn something new every day. As you can see, the lady is nothing special, certainly not worth the price of airfare to down under. (Unless she has a smashing personality, but those people usually don’t play MMOs.) Maybe it’s none of our business. What if it was true love? It wouldn’t be the first time mates have been found on a video game. Blizzard, market WOW craft as the hip new alternative to eHarmony. Then again, they don’t really need any help, software wise. NCSoft, SOE, feel free to use my idea. Just give me some free games as royalties.

Woman arrested for WoW love affair [The Register]

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