6 Epic Video Game Trailers For Underwhelming Video Games

Adrian Cruce
Adrian Cruce
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There is no shortage of epic video game trailers out there but some are simply a lot better than the games they promote. Unfortunately, there are way too many trailers that fall into this category.

Ideally, a video game trailer should create hype for the game but not by creating false hopes. Those below fell into this trap and the games they promoted were not as they were depicted.

Note: The list below is randomly arranged, not ranked.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity

This is one of my favorite video game trailers of all time. It managed to perfectly showcase the new generation of gaming consoles of the time and presented a simply stunning gameplay world. Everything was made even better by the inspired choice of soundtrack, with Lorde’s “Everybody wants to rule the world” creating the perfect atmosphere for such a trailer.

The 1700s Paris recreation was grim but featured very high attention to detail. A perfect overall trailer.

The problem was that the game was plagued by bugs, technical issues, and not much gameplay innovation. Gamers expected so much more and the “no face” glitch was creepy.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

Oscar Araujo was responsible for the music in this trailer and you will surely agree it was perfect. Then, we had voice acting from Robery Carlyle and Patrick Stewart. Since the original game was a hit, the trailers for the sequel were received with high praise. The same cannot be said about the actual game.

In all honesty, this was a shame since a huge part of why the game was received badly was that the first Castlevania was perfectly written. Even its trailers were the same. When Lords of Shadow 2 was released, everyone expected something at least as great as the first game. This did not happen. The level design was nothing to talk about and gameplay mechanics left a lot to be desired.

Star Wars: The Old Republic


This game had a massive budget so it launched very cool trailers. It is hard to choose just one so the clip above shows all of them. Cinematic trailers were action-packed and simply breathtaking. Unfortunately, the actual game was far away from the cinematics. It was just a KOTOR game, but an MMO. The gameplay can only be described as being mediocre.

Tomb Raider: Underworld

Tomb Raider: Underworld had huge problems. Not even the most-known female game character in history could save it. Camera angles were very bad, technical issues appeared, and the plot was not interesting. Also, Underworld did not feature any redeeming gameplay features.

The trailer though was very well-done. We see the trademark twin pistols and a mansion in flames, but the action happens in reverse. This teaser trailer is one part of the game. You play it but it is definitely not as stunning as depicted.

Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City

In this game, you play with STARS operatives as you battle zombies. It is different from the rest of the series so the concept has the potential to be intriguing. Unfortunately, the execution was not spectacular.

In Operation Racoon City, scares are quite minimal, there is zero personality with the characters you meet, the world feels small, and the gameplay is broken. You wouldn’t get that from the trailer where you see STARS members fighting and it is hard not to be hyped, especially as a fan of the series.

Dark Souls 2

Take a look at the Dark Souls 2 trailer and you are led to believe that the graphics are stunning. How can this not be the case? Well, just as with many cinematic trailers, the actual game looked different. But in this case, it looked a lot different. Many gamers actually ended up saying that the game had PS2-level graphics. And it is hard to argue against that.

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