8 Yakuza Titles to Join PlayStation Plus in 2022

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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PlayStation Plus is shaping up to be a great deal for the users of PlayStation 4 and 5. News games are continuously being added to the catalog. It was also leaked today that the August PlayStation Plus Essential games will include Tony Hawks’ Pro Skater 1 and 2, Littles nightmares, and Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

However, people who haven’t yet played the Yakuza games or have them as a part of their wishlist may rejoice as PlayStation has revealed that 8 Yakuza games will join the PlayStation Plus in 2022.

Source: PlayStation Blog

8 Yakuza Games for PlayStation Plus

Following is the list of Yakuza games joining the PlayStation Plus starting this month:

  • Yakuza: Like A Dragon
  • Yakuza 0
  • Yakuza Kiwami
  • Yakuza 2 Kiwami
  • Yakuza 3 Remastered
  • Yakuza 4 Remastered
  • Yakuza 5 Remastered
  • Yakuza 6: The Song of Life

What are The Yakuza Games About?

Yakuza games follow the story of the protagonist Kazuma Kiryu in the city of Kamurocho. The franchise incorporates elements of the beat ’em up, action-adventure, open world, turn-based strategy, and action role-playing genres.

The Yakuza games are like the Grand Theft Auto games due to the gangland style of play. The difference is that it concentrates more on a beat ’em-up play than GTA’s more open-world adventures.

The Yakuza series of games have been developed and published by Sega. Sega has already worked closely with PlayStation on previous occasions and there are even reports that Sony is interested in acquiring Sega as its own in-house studio.

The 8 Yakuza games will be gradually coming to PS Plus throughout 2022. Yakuza: Like a Dragon which also has been the latest entry in the series is the first to join PS plus.

A lot of the entries will come through the PS Plus Extra and Premium Tiers later this year. While a schedule wasn’t shared, 2022 is almost over so it shouldn’t be too long of a wait.

Are you a fan of the Yakuza Series and looking forward to all the games to drop on PS plus? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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