A Leaker Could be Teasing a New Donkey Kong Game

A New Donkey Kong Game Teased

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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It’s been a very long time since we got a new Donkey Kong game. Though he was in 2017’s Mario + Rabbids, the last main entry came in the form of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. However, we have been hearing about a new entry, and the rumor might have gotten a brand new life thanks to this new tease.

A New Donkey Kong Game Could be Coming

Pyoro on Twitter has posted a GIF that shows Kong rolling down a pathway from the Mario movie. While the Tweet is quite vague and has no other information, it could be a nod towards a potential new Donkey Kong title.

What makes this tease more believable is that rumors about a new Donkey Kong game have been flowing for a long time now. Moreover, a few details of the title were also revealed in the Nintendo Prime podcast a few months ago.

According to the podcast, the title is supposed to be open-world with a lot of fun mechanics. Moreover, they also claimed that at that time the game was still in development and it might launch on the next Nintendo hardware. And we know from various reports that the Switch 2 could launch next year. This hints that we can expect the game to release around the same time frame.

But, all this for now is a rumor. Reports of the DK game have surfaced regularly for many years now. If it is indeed true, we hope to hear something from Nintendo soon. Plus, there is a Direct planned for the upcoming week.

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