A New Valve Hardware Just Got Radio Certification

A New Piece of Valve Harware Might Be Coming

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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  • New Valve hardware certified
  • Could hint at a new release
  • Nothing official by Valve

A Twitter user has spotted that a new Valve hardware just got radio certification in South Korea. Now, this could either be something really significant or nothing of great meaning at all. Let’s dive into the possibilities of what the hardware certification could actually point at.

What Could This New Valve Hardware Be?

Putting it into simpler terms, there could be a lot of different things. The certification is for a WLAN modem with model name 1030 with a 5GHz frequency band. For context, with the Valve Index’s 1007, there was a 49-day gap in the hardware launch. While with the Steam Deck, it took around 92 days.

Now, there is a huge possibility that this could be for a wireless headset. However, it could be a wireless controller or an accessory as well. But only adding a 5 GHz band would be weird for that. As for something related to Steam Deck, maybe it’s too early for that, but who knows?

As for a new Steam Deck, maybe there is a somewhat of a chance. While the handheld is still great, it easily gets beaten in performance by the likes of ROG Ally and Legion Go. However, again the possibility of something like a successor of Valve Index is more likely.

But, as said earlier, all this is pure speculation on our part. Maybe it does lead to one of the above-mentioned possibilities or nothing at all. Valve hasn’t officially mentioned anything, so it’s better to watch out for that.

What do you think is the new Valve hardware? Let us know in the comments below.

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