Activision Was Updated About The Switch 2 Last Year

Performance Reportedly Similar to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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Nintendo Switch OLED Model
  • Switch 2 briefed to Activision
  • Was briefed in December 2022
  • Performs like PS4 and XB One

The Nintendo Switch 2 rumors are all the hype these days. Ever since the reports of it being demonstrated at Gamescom circulated we’ve been repeatedly hearing about the next-gen handheld. But it seems that Activision was briefed on the Nintendo Switch 2 a long time ago, according to The Verge.

Activision Was Informed Of The Switch 2 Last Year

According to the source, Activision got the briefing for Switch 2 last year, as indicated by internal emails from the FTC hearing. Activision CEO, Bobby Kotick, and other executives sat down with Nintendo in December 2022, and a summary was prepared tagged as ‘Switch NG (Next-Gen)’.

While most of the summary has been heavily redacted, some performance details can be made out. According to the source, the Nintendo Switch 2 will perform similarly to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Which in theory is a huge step up from the first generation.

switch oled
Nintendo Switch OLED

According to reports from Gamescom, the Switch 2 ran an upgraded version of Zelda: BOTW at a much improved FPS. In addition, Matrix: Awakens (Built-in UE5) was also showcased reportedly used DLSS and had ray-tracing enabled, indicating a much more powerful device.

Nintendo briefing Activision about the Switch 2 last year indicates that they could be looking to launch the handheld soon. Reports suggest a 2024 release date, and it seems that could be true.

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