Aliens: Dark Descent Set For Launch On June 20

The Game Is A Real-Time Tactical Title Set In the Aliens Universe.

Samam Hasan
Samam Hasan
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  • Will feature an original story
  • Lot of Real-time tactical elements
  • Wll be available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC

Tindalos Interactive has announced that their latest game Aliens: Dark Descent is set for launch on June 20 this year. The game will release on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. It is a real-time tactical game set in the iconic Aliens universe. Moreover, Aliens: Dark Descent will feature an original story set in the universe. The game is set to be published by Focus Entertainment.

In addition to this, a gameplay trailer for the title was recently revealed via IGN.

Aliens: Dark Descent

In Aliens: Dark Descent, players will be able to command a squad of Colonial Marines to stop a terrifying Xenomorph outbreak on the Moon Lethe. In addition to the Xenomorphs, they will face rogue operatives from rival factions as well.

Players can also infiltrate large levels and orders can be dispatched to the squad to perform certain actions. Moreover, death is permanent in the game and enemies will also adapt their hunting tactics in order to hunt you down. Players will be able to forge unique paths, find shortcuts, create safe zones, and more in this game.

Different classes are available for the player’s squad in Aliens: Dark Descent and there are also loads of customization options. The soldiers can be leveled up and can be equipped with different abilities, weapons, armor, and perks. In addition to that, a base can be created and new tech can be researched there to give the squad an edge in defeating the enemies.

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