Ark 2 to Remain on Game Pass for 3 Years Post-Launch

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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Ark 2 was first announced at The Game Awards back in 2020. It will act as the sequel to the 2015 title, Ark: Survival Evolved. Although the game was a little late to the party on the genre, the idea of dinosaurs persuaded a lot of people. When Ark 2 was announced, people were expecting the game to be more of the same. But the biggest positive for everyone was Vin Diesel’s involvement in the project. Ark 2 launches in 2023 and will be available on the game pass too. Moreover, Ark 2 will remain on Game Pass for 3 years from the time of launch, whenever that might be.

Ark 2 on Game Pass for 3 Years

When a game makes its way to Xbox Game Pass it isn’t always clear for how long the game will continue to be in the library. However, thanks to a legal document we know exactly how many years Ark 2 will remain on the Game Pass. Spotted by True Achievements, YouTuber GP recently found a legal document that reveals Snail Games and Studio Wildcard have an agreement with Microsoft to keep Ark II in Xbox Game Pass for a period of three years after it launches.

According to the document:

The Company also has a long-term title license agreement (“Game Pass”) with Microsoft for a period of three years. The agreement was initially made between the parties in November 2018 and valid through December 31st, 2021. The agreement was subsequently amended in June 2020 to extend the Ark 1 Game Pass perpetually effective January 1st, 2022, and to put Ark 2 on Game Pass for three years upon release.

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Screenshot from Ark 2

More about Ark 2

We really don’t know much about the game currently. Ark 2 was first tipped for a 2022 release but later delayed to 2023 with an undisclosed release date. The last we saw of it was the Xbox and Bethesda showcase in 2022, where a CGI trailer was shown with some of the features and characters of the game.

We’ve seen Vin Diesel rocking fancy cars in movies, but riding on a T-Rex as Diesel was something that hyped everyone for the game. The trailers so far haven’t shown any gameplay footage, they’ve just been cinematic trailers, though they’ve been magnificent. We know that it will utilize the full blast of Unreal Engine 5 so we can expect great visuals anyway.

Also, the game will feature souls-like melee combat. The term refers to games where the difficulty is high and you often die trying to clear an area. It is mostly associated with games like Dark souls and Elden Ring etc. Ark 2 will also include advanced character traversal mechanics including mantling, free-climbing, parkour, sliding, and swinging.

Ark 2 will be out sometime in 2023 and will release on Xbox Series X|S and PC. It will be available from Day 1 on Game Pass.

What are your thoughts on Ark 2 remaining for 3 years on Game Pass? Let us know in the comments down below.

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