As Dusk Falls Supports Touch Controls on Xbox Cloud Gaming

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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Xbox launched its interactive/adventure game As Dusk Falls only today. It has opened to great initial reviews by the players and even Steam curators. The game is supported on a wide variety of platforms.

Supported Platforms

As Dusk Falls is accessible on PC, Xbox One, and the cloud with Xbox Game Pass. It may be bought on Windows, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One consoles, as well as on Steam. On Xbox consoles, Windows PCs, phones, and tablets, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers may forego the setup process and play directly from the cloud.

Native Touch Support on Supported Mobile Devices

Unlike many other games on Xbox cloud gaming, where touch support is not implemented directly, Dusk Falls fully supports native touch. It means that you don’t have to hook your mobile device or tablet to a controller therefore no hassle of joysticks and buttons.

All the games’ controls and mechanics can be completely controlled just by the touch on your devices. Meaning your phone is all you need to interact with the game fully.

More About the Game

As Dusk Falls is supposed to be a game played with your friends and the choices you make in-game will reflect on the story. Multiplayer offers a fresh perspective on As Dusk Falls as the central topic is choices and their consequences.

Up to eight people can join a lobby at once, and it can be made up of online friends, couch co-op, or a combination of both. Additionally, it is cross-platform, so your pals may play with you no matter where they are. But that doesn’t mean you can’t play the game solo as it offers three different modes of gameplay namely solo, multiplayer, and broadcast. Broadcast lets you directly stream your gameplay to your preferred platform.

As Dusk Falls is now available to play on multiple different platforms along with the option to play on the go using Xbox Cloud Gaming. You can get the game for $29.99 and jump straight into your adventures. Or if you own Xbox Game Pass, the game is currently free for Xbox Game Pass on PC and console

Are you guys excited to jump into the drama-filled world with your friends? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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