Abdul Mohsin

Painting pictures with words and showing rather than telling are fundamental principles of Abdul's heartfelt passion. He is a computer enthusiast, YouTuber and passionate gamer. A huge fan of First Person Shooter games especially Calls Of Duty, Counter-Strike and Battlefield. Here you will find him breaking down and updating about the upcoming games.
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Will CS:GO Ever Overtake Fortnite? 

With 24 million monthly players, you’d be forgiven for assuming Counter-Strike: Global

Abdul Mohsin Abdul Mohsin

Boundary Release Date and Everything you need to know

Ever wondered what an armed-to-the-teeth astronaut would be called? Well, it is

Abdul Mohsin Abdul Mohsin

Crossfire: Legion Release Date, Leaks, and everything we know

It's time to get ready, RTS fans. Crossfire, a popular Asian FPS,

Abdul Mohsin Abdul Mohsin