Nick Nikolov

I started gaming at an early age with the first Doom games and Castle Wolfenstein. From then on, I grew more and more interested in playing console games until I was able to afford a PC. I mostly enjoy PC games, but I do not scoff at the occasional foray into console pleasures.
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Submerged Hidden Depths Review

The good people at Uppercut Games remain steadfast in their mission to

8 out of 10Great

Submerged Hidden Depths Preview

The latest installment in the Submerged series sees two siblings, a brother

Nick Nikolov Nick Nikolov

Rogue Spirit Early Access Review

In our Rogue Spirit Early Access Review we will take a look

7 out of 10Good

In Sound Mind Review: Color of dread

This In Sound Mind review, will hopefully, show you how unique this

7.5 out of 10Good