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Tech and gaming enthusiast with a keen interest in stories. Believes that Witcher 3 is the only RPG that comes close to Fable 2, the best RPG ever made!
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The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, Tales from the Borderlands and More Games Rated in Taiwan

The Taiwan Game Rating committee has rated The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, Tales from Borderlands for Switch, and more unannounced titles.

Reddit Users Finds an Unreleased Pistol, called Sykov, in COD Warzone

A Reddit user has found an unreleased full-auto machine pistol, called the Sykov in COD Warzone's Plunder mode weapon drops.

Jeff Grubb’s Summer Game Mess Leaks All the Major Summer Reveals

Jeff Grubb is back with Summer Game Mess again where he leaks all the key reveal dates of upcoming and anticipated games, leading up to E3.

Valve Employee Caught Playing Citadel, a Leaked Valve Game, on Discord

A verified Valve developer was caught playing a game called "Citadel [MAIN]" on Valve's Artifact official public Discord server.

The Demon Slayer Game is Confirmed to Release in 2021

The Demon Slayer Game is confirmed to release in 2021, courtesy of the newly made, official Twitter handle of the Demon Slayer Game.

Prince of Persia Sands of Time Remake Delayed Indefinitely

Ubisoft has delayed the Prince of Persia Sands of Time Remake indefinitely. The release date of March 18, 2021, is shifted to a "later date."

Elden Ring Teased YET Again

Italian journalist Federico Fossetti has posted a picture of the Elden Ring logo at his Facebook Feed and teased it in his Twitch stream.

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