Yousef Zain

Ever since he was a boy of 5, he used to play games like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City -don't tell anyone- and Crash Bandicoot. Yousef has accumulated more than 8 years of exp. Although he favors games with the third-person perspective, he hates writing about himself from the third-person perspective.
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Rockstar Is Getting Blackmailed After GTA 6 Leaks

The GTA 6 was already a big hit to Rockstar. But then

Yousef Zain Yousef Zain

Dead Space on Older Generations Might Happen

A Reddit user recently spotted Dead Space being tagged to release to

Yousef Zain Yousef Zain

343 Industries Founder Is Leaving the Company

Bonnie Ross, Founder of 343 Industries, announces that she will be leaving

Yousef Zain Yousef Zain