Battlefield 2042: What to Expect from Upcoming Seasons

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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Battlefield 2042 has been a constant topic of news ever since it launched for all the wrong reasons. The game was released with a broken and buggy gameplay that was an immediate let-off for the fans. Though DICE has pushed a lot of updates, the game to this date feels abysmal and unfinished.

Season 1 for Battlefield 2042 launched in early June and still going on. However, we know that a Season 2 reveal is on the way and Battlefield has a development video for its upcoming ventures.

Changes in the Main Gameplay

The four Battlefield 2042 classes—Assault, Engineer, Support, and Recon—form the basis for specialists. Each Specialist has a distinct specialty tool, a distinct passive trait, and a different version of their class icon.

In Season 3, specialists will be transformed into traditional Battlefield Class systems. Specialists will also share traits based on their class and level. The already present weapons in the game will be adjusted according to their classes. Also, the specialists are being reworked they’ll have better character models overall.

New weapons will be added in-game throughout the course of season 2. Moreover, season 2 will also include vaulted weapons which could be unlocked using various assignments. These weapons will include Battlefield 3’s M16A3 and M60E4 LMG.

Map Changes

There will be massive map changes in the upcoming seasons too. Earlier we saw the Kaleidoscope map getting a much-needed revamp. The Renewal and Orbital maps will be getting similar treatment in September and October respectively. Moreover, another new infantry map will also be a part of season 2.

Some other changes have been made which are not that significant but will affect the general gameplay to make it better. This includes new cover places and other smaller areas. The development video boasts the new changes and we have to admit they are really welcoming.

New Content, Experience, and Modes

Like all multiplayer games, season 2 will open with a brand new battle pass. Other than there will be a new specialist included too with its own unique ability. There will also be new hardware in the form of guns, throwables, etc.

Also, the season after season 2 will follow similar updates by having almost the same amount of added content. There will also be improvements in gameplay and bug fixes. Season 2 will be dropping soon.

We really hope the updates prove to be substantial and help put DICE their once-loved franchise back on track. The updates are really what the fans wanted since the game launched. The active players of the game dropped to a mere 5000 recently and let’s hope the new update makes the game enjoyable and increase the player count once again.

On that note, will you be going back to Battlefield 2042 once the new season drops? Let us know in the comments down below.

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