Battlefield 6 To Be Revealed in June and Released in Q3 2021 as Per EA’s Latest Financial Report

Sarthak Khurana
Sarthak Khurana
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EA shared their financial report yesterday and shared a few interesting details about the company’s earnings for the previous year as well as the financial plans for the current financial year, outlining plans for the upcoming titles including Battlefield 6.

Daniel Ahmad broke down the highlights from earning call and the details can be found below.

The most interesting part of the financial report was EA’s title slate for the current fiscal quarter. It’s clearly revealed that Battlefield, most likely Battlefield 6, is coming out in Q3, 2021. That nails down the release to the months of October and December.

Soon after the EA’s financial report was published online, the Battlefield account on Twitter tweeted this:

It’s a clear jab at the fact that Battlefield 6 will be revealed in June. Daniel Ahmad claims that EA confirmed on the conference call today that Battlefield reveal will indeed be in June, as per the hint in this tweet.

A few of the comments flying around the internet are stating that Battlefield 6 will be a “next-gen only” title. Daniel Ahmad once again comes to the recuse stating that Battlefield 6 will in fact be available on both the current and next-gen consoles. “A true next-generation game” is a marketing term used by EA that is causing confusion.

What “a true next-generation game” may hint at is the fact that Battlefield 6 will run on 4K with ray-tracing on next-gen consoles. Battlefield 5 was the first AAA game to integrate ray tracing when it first came out on RTX GPUs. So if EA is calling it “a true next-generation game”, you better believe it.

In addition, the game will still release on current-generation consoles and the previous generation consoles as well.

Owing to the huge variety of guns and weapons in a Battlefield game, Sony PS5’s adaptive triggers could prove to be a boon if used properly. Imagine that every gun and weapon in the game has a unique feel dictated by the pressure applied on the triggers.

Drawings and audio clips from Battlefield 6 trailers have been leaked beforehand but this is the first official-ish reveal of the game by EA. A June reveal may hint at Battlefield 6 on E3’s virtual stage.

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