Bayonetta 3 New Gameplay Trailer Revealed at Nintendo Direct

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta is an action-adventure game series by Platinum Games. The original game was initially launched by PlatinumGames in 2009, and its sequel was released in 2014. Then, in 2017, a teaser trailer for Bayonetta 3 was revealed which after 5 years comes out next month.

Earlier this year we got a complete trailer for the game. Now at the Nintendo Direct that happened today, we got a brand new gameplay trailer.

Bayonetta 3 Gameplay Trailer

Nintendo revealed a 7-minute-long gameplay trailer for Bayonetta 3 which gives a deeper insight into how the game will work.

New Gameplay Elements


According to today’s Nintendo Direct, Bayonetta will face off against bioweapons created by humans known as Homunculi. Favorites from the series Luka, Jeanne, and new ally Viola will be beside her. Another big insertion to the combat is the infernal demons.

Bayonetta could call demons to battle bosses in earlier games. They will now instantly join her in battle and be especially helpful when it is witch time. However, while summoning, Bayonetta is exposed and vulnerable to attacks.

There will also be a couple of new moves called Wink Slave and Demon Masquerade. The former can help Bayonetta to block combos and finishers. Demon Masquerade helps her channel demon powers in her weapons. In addition, Bayonetta may also change her appearance and gain new skills. These skills can help in traversal as well.

Bayonetta from Bayonetta 3


We also get a look at Viola who will be the other main character in the game. She isn’t an experienced witch like Bayonetta instead she’s still in training. However, she’ll still have abilities like witch time (when someone attacks her) and channel demon powers in her weapons.

Viola’s weapons of choice are a sword and darts. She is also being labeled to ‘Hold the key to this story. This hints at Viola being an essential part of the game. Similarly, other new elements of the game have also been shown in the trailer.

viola beyonettav3
Viola from Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3 after almost 5 years since the first trailer is set to launch on October 28 for the Nintendo Switch. You can also pre-order the game at Nintendo’s official site. The expectations from the game are high and we really hope it delivers that.

Are you excited about the sequel? What are your thoughts on the Bayonetta franchise? Let us know in the comments down below.

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