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Boris Manev
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budget FUT 22 La Liga team

With Messi leaving Barcelona and going to the League Un, La Liga players have been much less desirable from fans this season. That being said, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t tons of good players available in the Spanish Premiera Division. So, despite the fact we don’t have the strongest player in FIFA 22 at our disposal. We still see the reasoning behind building a budget FUT 22 La Liga team in the Spanish La Liga.

Although the top-rated 10 players in La Liga are made up of only 3 teams. That doesn’t mean that players with a lesser rating can outperform them. But that’s a point for another article. Today, let’s try and keep our budget as low as possible. Preferably somewhere around the 50K coins mark and build the best budget FUT 22 La Liga team.

Best Budget FUT 22 La Liga Team

The plan here is to get a good and solid starting point for building the best team in La Liga. Some of these players will be in the final product, and you’ll even play them in your best, most expensive La Liga team. Investing smart is a great way to get your money worth (no sh*t Sherlock), and to do so, you’ll need to invest in different areas of the pitch depending on what style of play you chose to play. 50K coins can get you a lot in La Liga, so you should spend them wisely at first, and then save coins to get where you need to be quick!

Here are the best players to choose from in my opinion. Keep in mind that the prices for the cards are for the time of writing, and prices will fluctuate, so make sure you do your own research before you start building your team. The prices are taken from FUT Bin’s database, so the best thing to do would be to go over there and check the prices for yourself before building your budget FUT 22 La Liga team.

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GK Sergio Asenjo has an 83 rated card. With that 83 rating, you get pretty amazing stats for a goalkeeper with the most important stats like diving, handling, reflexes, and positioning all being above 80. This gets more mind-blowing when you get that you’re only paying 1K coins for this card.

GK Unai Simon’s rating is only one less than Asenjo’s but here you get much better positioning and slightly better reflexes. Unai Simon’s card will only set you back 850 coins.

Budget FUT La Liga GKs
Budget FUT La Liga GKs



RB DanielCarvajal is the first more expensive option you should get at 5.5K coins. I played a lot of games with this card and to be quite honest with you it feels like a higher-rated card. It’s much better defensively than even some 87 rated right backs. It surely felt like a pretty well-rounded card with only his shooting being rated less than 80.

RB Jesus Navas is a pacier option with 87 pace at his disposal. Although for that you’re sacrificing around 30 points of physics. But, you do get a more attacking-minded right back, and depending on your style of play, this is a great option if you’re looking to pass from the back and create chances down the sides by whipping balls into the opponent’s box.

CB Diego Carlos, a Sevilla player who has an 82 rating. Centre backs are the last line of defense in your team and having more than 80 pace in your CBs is a great attribute although Carlos only has 76 pace, his defense partner – Jules Kounde has enough pace to cover for both of them while Carlos can take care of the physical job. His card at the moment is worth 1.1K coins

CB Jules Kounde is our second choice of center back, and with the season he had last season, I’m astonished that he hasn’t got a higher rated card. Namely, for 12K coins, you’ll get an amazingly built 83 rated card with good defensive stats and decent pace.

CB Eder Militao is another great choice for center back in your team. He has a lot to offer including great pace and defensive stats. His card will set you 7K coins back.

CB Gerard Pique is worth 2K coins at this point of time in FIFA 22. He’s a great addition in your budget FUT 22 La Liga team because of his heading, marking, and other defensive stats.

LB Jordi Alba is another relatively expensive addition to your team at 13.5K coins. But, if you separate 13.5K coins from your FIFA wallet, you’ll be able to get an amazing attacking-minded left back.

LB Jose Luis Gaya is another route you can take when choosing a left back. Keep in mind that for 1.1K coins you’ll get much less than what you get with Jordi Alba!

Budget FUT La Liga Defenders
Budget FUT La Liga Defenders


Center Midfielders

CDM Sergio Busquets is a great choice if you’re trying to get the ball through the middle of the ground. He can also offer some great defensive capabilities. His card will set you back 9.6K coins

CDM Eduardo Camavinga is a great youngster that was acquired by Real Madrid during this transfer window. He already has his OTW card and I predict that he’ll get many more cards this season. This card costs 750 coins.

CM SergioCanales is a great passing option if you base your play on passing and making amazing passes. He has an 83 rated card with 85 passing.

CM Daniel Parejo is the choice for your budget FUT 22 La Liga team if passing is the key feature to your game. Namely, his 90 rated passing is great if you’re not so good at dribbling and want to get out of situations by passing your way through the enemy’s defense. This card comes in at 9.8K coins.

CM David Silva is another great option if you’re passing out, but he has 3 points less in passing than Parejo. His card comes in at 5.4K coins.

CM Isco is a great dribble and despite his 82 rated card, he offers a whopping 89 dribbling. He’ll be able to probably get you out of any situation. His card is only worth 850 coins at the moment.

Budget FUT 22 La Liga team CMs
Budget FUT 22 La Liga team CMs



RW Rodrygo Silva would be a great addition to your budget FUT 22 La Liga team not only because of his pace but also because of his ability to dribble. His card will cost you 1.6K coins.

RW Lucas Vasquez is the type of player who’ll be able to whip in crosses for your target man. And the best part is that he’ll only cost you 750 coins!

ST Antoine Griezman is a great choice if you’re trying to whip balls into the box. Griezman is a great target man and he knows how to finish his dinner by scoring. Alongside his finishing, he can also offer a great range of other attributes like dribbling, pace, passing, and even some physicality. His card costs 8.6K coins.

ST Sergio Aguero offers something unique to the table in your budget FUT 22 La Liga team and that’s 89 shooting. Namely, he would be able to finish lots of chances for you no matter the circumstances. But, all of the rest of the attributes are average at best. That’s why his card is only worth 13.5K coins.

LW Vinicius Jr. is one of the fastest players in the game at the moment. With his whopping 95 pace, you’re getting a way to use pure speed in order to break your opponent’s lines and get in behind defenses in no time. What’s also great is the fact that his card is also 87 rated for dribbling so even if they manage to catch up to you (which I doubt) you’ll be able to get out of the situation. The only thing that’s lacking is the shooting and passing. But the 3.4K coins price tag is surely satisfied here.

LW Yannick Carrascodribbling and pace are great for your wingers, and Carrasco can offer that in abundance. He has the ability to get in behind defenses and whip in a great ball. The bad thing is the fact that he’s not that physical and that his passing leaves a lot to be desired.

Budget FUT 22 La Liga Attackers
Budget FUT 22 La Liga Attackers


My Team of Choice for the Spanish La Liga Santander

GK – Sergio Asenjo 1K coins

RB – DanielCarvajal 5K coins

CB – Jules Kounde 11K coins

CB – Diego Carlos 1.1 coins

LB – Jordi Alba 10.5 coins

CDM – Eduardo Camavinga 750 coins

CM – Isco 950 coins

CM – Sergio Canales 850 coins

RW – Rodrygo Silva 1.6K coins

ST – Antoine Griezman 8.1K coins

LW – Vinicius Jr. 3.4K coins

budget FUT 22 La Liga team
budget FUT 22 La Liga team

PS: You might also want to take a look at my budget FUT League Un team.

Thanks for taking the time to go through my article. I hope you liked it, and make sure to share it with a friend who wants to create his budget FUT 22 La Liga team. All-in-all there are tons of players to choose from. You just need to adjust the team to your style of play and go from there.

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