25 Cheap CS:GO Skins: Top Picks (2023)

"The great ones don't come cheap." – Mike Holmgren. These CS:GO skins do, though.

Anwell Patdu
Anwell Patdu
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Cosmetics have always had a huge place in the gaming world. Some people are willing to spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on in-game skins. You’ll be surprised how much the most expensive CS:GO skins can go for. There are even gambling websites that allow you to win CS:GO skins.

Luckily, you don’t need to spend tons of money on CS:GO skins. There are plenty of great ones out there to choose from. You just have to know where to look. That’s the main reason why we’ve created this list.

Here are our picks for the 25 best cheap CS:GO skins.


USP-S | Ticket to Hell

An image of the USP-S ticket to hell CS:GO Skin.

Date Released: January 20, 2022
Price Range:$0.29 – $2.06
Case: Dreams & Nightmares Case

CTs have the ability to choose between their starting pistols. If you prefer the USP-S over the P2000, the Ticket to Hell skin is one of the best cheap skins that you can buy. It features a sleek design with various white-colored decals over a black matte finish. One of my favorite parts about the design is the creepy mouth near the base of the gun.


MP5-SD | Phosphor

A photo of the MD5-SD Phospor CS:GO skin.

Date Released: December 6, 2018
Price Range: $2.81 – $8.27
Case: Danger Zone Case

The MP5-SD Phosphor skin is the perfect skin for players looking to stand out and get a ton of attention in the lobby. It has a dark navy blue base which makes for the perfect background for the array of dripping neon colors found on the gun. The neon colors include teal near the barrel, green on the body, and pink on the rear.


Desert Eagle | Light Rail

A photo of the Desert Eagle Light Rail.

Date Released: March 13, 2019
Price Range: $0.42 – $3.23
Case: Prisma Case

The Desert Eagle Light Rail is another excellent choice that provides a cheap yet simple CS:GO skin. It has a gradient design with gold, copper, and silver colors transitioning to black on the weapon. The Desert Eagle Light Rail is also one of those skins that will look better in CS2 because of its metallic finish, making it a cheap and worthy investment.


XM1014 | XOXO

A photo of the XM1014 XOXO.

Date Released: May 3, 2021
Price Range: $1.23 – $8.36
Case: Snakebite Case

Next up, we have yet another bright and vividly colored cheap CS:GO weapon skin. This time it’s the XM1014 XOXO. The base of the skin primarily remains plain black. However, the body and barrel are covered in a neon blue base with Xs and Os all over. It’s one way to stand out in a lobby.


USP-S | Cortex

A photo of the USP-S Cortex skin.

Date Released: February 14, 2018
Price Range: $1.47 – $9.08
Case: Clutch Case

The USP-S Cortex has a very unique design where it features a skeleton’s head opened up and his brains scattered around the weapon. The pink brains are splattered all over the weapon, with the word “USP” being formed on the barrel. All of this is on top of a brown base with various patterns.


P250 | See Ya Later

A photo of the P250 See Ya Later in CS:GO.

Date Released: September 14, 2017
Price Range: $2.65 – $10.60
Case: Spectrum 2 Case

The P250 See Ya Later skin has a creative and cartoonish design that’s perfect for kids at heart. The entire pistol is made to look like a green mechanical crocodile with its teeth at the barrel of the weapon. It’s a well-designed skin that has shades of blue, green, white, and yellow all over.


Desert Eagle | Night Heist

An image of the Desert Eagle Night Heist.

Date Released: December 3, 2020
Price Range: $5.48 – $8.50
Case: N/A, The Havoc Collection

Next up, we have yet another pistol skin in the Desert Eagle Night Heist. The skin has a great concept that was greatly executed by the artist. It has an anodized base layer with a dark purple/blueish hue. You can see the outlines of a map on the base with scribbles of orange ink that detail the Night Heist plan.


AWP | Atheris

An image of the AWP Atheris.

Date Released: March 13, 2019
Price Range: $1.80 – $12.39
Case: Prisma Case

The AWP Atheris is a great cheap CS:GO skin for people who prefer plain designs. The AWP simply has a black base with a hand-painted snake slithering all throughout the body. It has this elegant feel to it, mostly because of the green and blue snake ready to strike. There are also other touches of green near the end of the scope and barrel for some finishing touches.


Glock-18 | Water Elemental

An image of the Glock-18 Water Elemental CS:GO skin.

Date Released: July 1, 2014
Price Range: $3.37 – $12.45
Case: Operation Breakout Weapon Case

The Glock-18 Water Elemental is a beautiful pistol that features a majestic water creature on the body of the gun. It has a red finish with sparkles of water scattered all over the gun. This matches well with the light blue color of the water elemental itself featured on the gun.


UMP-45 | Primal Saber

An image of the UMP-45 Primal Saber.

Date Released: April 27, 2016
Price Range: $1.64 – $8.79
Case: Chroma 3 Case

If you’re looking for cheap CS:GO skin with splashes of neon, the UMP-45 Primal Saber might be the one for you. It features a black and gray body with a decal of the skull of a sabertooth tiger. There are also claw marks all over the body with a neon teal-like color. It’s a perfect reminder that even the toughest of predators will eventually isn’t prone to death.


MAG-7 | Monster Call

An image of the MAG-7 Monster Call CS:GO skin.

Date Released: August 6, 2020
Price Range: $0.28 – $1.49
Case: Fracture Case

Next, we have a cheap CS:GO weapon skin that truly packs a punch. The Monster Call skin for the MAG-7 has a custom-painted dark blue base that captures the depths of the ocean. It also has a green sea shark-like sea creature on its base and another purple creature near the front. It can really get your thalassophobia going.


Galil AR | Chromatic Aberration

A photo of the Galil AR Chromatic Aberration CS:GO skin.

Date Released: May 3, 2021
Price Range: $1.14 – $9.26
Case: Snakebite Case

The Galil AR Chromatic Aberration skin provides a great contrast between black and neon colors, making it look pleasing to the eyes. The weapon has a custom-painted black body with offset neon pink colors scattered all over. Some notable designs include a star near the magazine and a line of numbers matched with a smiley face near the rear.


SG 553 | Dragon Tech

A photo of the SG 553 Dragon Tech.

Date Released: July 1, 2022
Price Range: $0.48 – $2.41
Case: Recoil Case

Usually, CS:GO skin names are as simple as they get. The SG 553 Dragon Tech is no different. It features a green mechanized dragon front and center of the gun, staring directly at you. The weapon also has decals of green fireballs all over. Nothing screams “Dragon!” more than fireballs.


M4A1-S | Night Terror

A photo of the M4A1-S Night Terror CS:GO skin.

Date Released: January 20, 2022
Price Range: $0.63 – $2.08
Case: Dreams & Nightmares Case

If you’re a fan of terrifying skins, the M4A1-S Night Terror might be an excellent cheap CS:GO skin for you to buy. It features an insanely creepy woman who can’t seem to get sound sleep at night. The woman’s thoughts are scribbled all over the weapon, resulting in a truly chilling look.


Sawed-Off | Apocalypto

A photo of the Sawed-Off Apocalypto.

Date Released: March 31, 2020
Price Range: $0.23 – $1.70
Case: Prisma 2 Case

Next, we have one of our cheapest CS:GO skins on the list coming in at just under $2. Even though it’s a cheap skin, the Sawed-Off Apocalypto still brings a ton of flare to the table. It features a green zombified hand reaching out to a bomb that’s made to look like the Earth. The background is also situated in outer space with a purple finish.


MAC-10 | Neon Rider

A photo of the MAC-10 Neon Rider CS:GO skin.

Date Released: April 15, 2015
Price Range: $5.46 – $11.50
Case: Chroma 2 Case

This next skin is perfect for players who prefer their guns in neon colors. It has a bright custom-painted neon base primarily dominated by blue and pink. The Neon Rider skin also features a colorful yet deadly bike rider. I highly suggest the MAC-10 Neon Rider skin for Valorant players since it’s quite reminiscent of a few of the best Valorant skins.



An image of the AWP Paw.

Date Released: August 1, 2018
Price Range: $1.31 – $4.05
Case: Horizon Case

If you’re an animal lover, then you’re definitely going to love the AWP PAW skin. From the name itself, you can probably already guess that the skin puts our furry feline and canine friends front and center. The skin is covered with dozens of cute and adorable puppies and kittens in various colors.


M4A1-S | Leaded Glass

A photo of the cheap CS:GO skin, M4A1-S Leaded Glass.

Date Released: September 14, 2017
Price Range: $3.74 – $10.62
Case: Spectrum 2 Case

The M4A1-S Leaded Glass skin was designed with the idea of fragile yet colorful glass pieces. It looks quite similar to popular stained glass art because of its blue, orange, and yellow shards. The various glass pieces also give it this abstract-like look that has made it quite popular among CS:GO players.


M4A4 | Cyber Security

A photo of the M4A4 Cyber Security skin.

Date Released: December 3, 2020
Price Range: $10.39 – $38.68
Case: Operation Broken Fang Case

The body of the rifle is painted in a matte black finish. It’s then topped off with a variety of bright colors like red, blue, yellow, and white, forming a diagonal pattern. Various large white Chinese symbols are written all over to complete the look. The M4A4 Cyber Security is a solid pick-up if you can


Dual Berettas | Melondrama

A photo of the Dual Berettas Melondrama.

Date Released: January 20, 2022
Price Range: $1.23 – $10.27
Case: Dreams & Nightmares Case

Next up, we have a pair of handy pistols covered in creepy watermelons threatening you to be careful of sleeping. The artist covered the weapon’s body in a deep navy blue color with red melon colors on the base. The watermelon slices stare at your soul with a creepy smile, completing the insanely scary yet fantastic look.


AK-47 | Point Disarray

A photo of the AK-47 Point Disarray in CS:GO.

Date Released: December 11, 2015
Price Range: $7.68 – $26.75
Case: Revolver Case

Next up, we have a colorful skin for the AK-47. The AK-47 Point Disarray features a geometrical 3D pattern that features white, red, and blue colors. It also has a pattern of crosses and Xs colored in dark blue and red as the base background. I definitely recommend this skin for players who are into abstract art.


M4A4 | 龍王 (Dragon King)

A photo of the M4A4 龍王 (Dragon King) skin.

Date Released: January 8, 2015
Price Range: $5.37 – $25.76
Case: Chroma Case

The M4A4 龍王 (Dragon King) features a well-painted red Chinese dragon in front and center. The background is then filled with blue, white, and red patterns in an almost intertwining design. The M4A4 龍王 (Dragon King) is one of the best M4A4 skins you can find on the cheap and makes a worthy addition to any skin inventory.


FAMAS | Eye of Athena

A photo of the FAMAS Eye of Athena CS:GO skin.

Date Released: August 1, 2018
Price Range: $2.48 – $12.32
Case: Horizon Case

Next up, we have the perfect skin for those rounds where you’re a little low on economy. The FAMAS Eye of Athena skin features a trippy-looking mechanized owl staring directly at you when viewed from the side. It’s located atop its orange and brown nest, making for a unique and intriguing look.


M4A4 | Tooth Fairy

A photo of the M4A4 Tooth Fairy.

Date Released: August 6, 2020
Price Range: $2.55 – $8.82
Case: Fracture Case

Modern fairy tales are usually cute and fluffy stories for children. However, the M4A4 Tooth Fairy skin couldn’t be farther from it. The skin has a terrifying take on the Tooth Fairy, reimagining it as a twisted skeleton-like figure. The gun also has incisors, molars, and “don’t sleep” scattered all over.


AK-47 | Phantom Disruptor

A photo of the AK-47 Phantom Disruptor CS:GO skin.

Date Released: March 31, 2020
Price Range: $4.19 – $10.69
Case: Prisma 2 Case

The Phantom Disruptor offers great value and brings a whole lot of life to the plain AK-47. The Phantom Disruptor features an unknown creature with multiple mouths, eyes, and swirls all over. The white, blue, and yellow custom paint job is done over a matte black finish, giving it a clean look. It’s perfect for flexing on those newbs while trying to climb the CS:GO ranks.


The Phantom Disruptor tops our list of the best cheap CS:GO skins because of its amazingly creepy look and great price for a rifle skin. It’s one of those skins that look way more expensive than they actually are and will have you standing out in a lobby.

Owning beautiful skins doesn’t have to hurt your wallet. There are plenty of cheap stunning skins out there. You just have to know where to look. Did we miss one of your favorite cheap CS:GO skins? Make sure to comment it down below.

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