8 Best CS:GO Trading Sites: Ranked (2023)

CS:GO already did NFTs before they were cool.

Anwell Patdu
Anwell Patdu
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CS:GO trading sites allow you to buy, sell, or swap your skins with other people. It allows you to reach a wider audience than the Steam Marketplace, therefore allowing you to possibly earn more. It also allows you to directly get cash instead of Steam Credits.

Some of the most expensive CS:GO skins were sold on trading sites. Millions of transactions are conducted on CS:GO trading sites every day. Due to their popularity, numerous trading sites have popped up over the years.

It can be difficult to choose which trading site to trust. To help you, we’ve gathered and ranked 8 of the best CS:GO skin trading sites you can use.



A photo of the DMarket CS:GO trading site.

Check out the website here.
Fee: up to 7%.

Has a dedicated mobile app.

Offers great discounts.

Has a variety of great features.

Supports numerous games aside from CS:GO.

Has a relatively high fee.

Some items can have varying prices, especially when compared to the Steam Marketplace.

The site isn’t that user-friendly because of all the different buttons.

Our choice for the best CS:GO trading site is DMarket. DMarket is a trusted and reliable site that offers a top-notch trading experience. They offer quick withdrawals, a ton of items on sale, a vast marketplace, and a F2F marketplace.

They also have a “Best Price on Global Market” feature that automatically filters results and shows you the best prices based on SteamAnalyst.

DMarket also allows you to experience high-quality transactions on the go through their dedicated mobile app.

They have a relatively high fee of up to 7%, depending on the item you are trading. However, they do have discounts that can pretty much balance things out. You can easily snag some of the cheapest CS:GO skins on the site by scrolling through their discounts and sales.



A photo of the SkinsMonkey CS:GO trading site.

Check out the website here.
Fee: 5% – 7%.

Has a clean UI.

Has one of the fastest account creation systems.

Offers a variety of promos when signing up.

Offers a quick and almost instantaneous trading process.

Has a relatively high 5-7% fee.

You can’t cash out to real money, only skins.

Live chat can be quite slow to respond at times.

SkinsMonkey is one of the fastest-growing CS:GO trading sites on the market. They only launched in 2021 but already have over 940K visitors every month. They also offer a wide variety of items from CS:GO, Rust, and Team Fortress 2.

SkinsMonkey has a clean and easy-to-understand UI, making it great for newbies to trading. They also offer a live chat feature if you run into any trouble.

They have one of the fastest account creation systems within the community and also offer very generous welcome promos. This makes it easy for you to trade your ugly skins for some of the best CS:GO skins within a matter of seconds.

SkinsMonkey’s biggest drawback is that they don’t offer cash withdrawals. You can only withdraw skins, which is a huge bummer for those looking to cash out.



A photo of the TradeitGG website.

Check out the website here.
Fee: Flat fee of 8%.

Has an instant cash-out service.

Offers a variety of sign-up bonuses.

Has one of the largest stocks of in-game items.

Has a vast wiki collection for all skins in the game.

They charge a lot for instant cashouts.

Their “premium” customer support service can be quite slow.

Some of the prices can be a bit too high.

Inventory updating can be slow at times.

TradeIt.GG has an excellent reputation within the CS:GO trading site community and has been operating since 2017. They boast over 2.7 million users and over 47 million total trades, not to mention a trust score of 9.5/10 from Trustpilot.

They offer an excellent-looking UI with a very simple trading mechanic. Speaking of trades, their numerous trading bots make it easy and quick for you to find deals and close transactions.

TradeIt.GG also offers great sign-up bonuses and hourly or daily giveaways. You can join giveaways by earning tickets through trades. They also allow you to cash out your skins for cash and have an instant cashout feature.

TradeIt.GG does charge a high flat fee of 8%. Some of their prices can also be pretty high, while others can have confusing price tags.



A photo of the CSMoney website.

Check out the website here.
Fee: up to 7%.

Has a dedicated mobile app.

Great customer support system.

Has a clean and easy-to-understand UI.

Has a vast wiki about the different CS:GO skins.

They have a relatively high fee.

They don’t allow all countries to cash out.

Provides slow price updates on the top skins.

CS.Money is a popular CS:GO trading site that has been trusted by users since 2016. It makes use of trading bots for fast and secure transactions. It offers a wide selection of items that can instantly be traded within a blink of an eye.

They also have an in-depth 2D and 3D item inspection system that lets you check the skins personally. This is definitely a great feature for meticulous buyers.

CS.Money provides great and quick customer support if you ever run into problems. Their mobile apps and Chrome extensions are also pretty amazing, allowing you to trade in a variety of ways.

Unfortunately, they do charge a 7% fee. They can also be quite slow when updating some of the high-tier skins.



A photo of the SkinCashier website.

Check out the website here.
Fee: Depends on item rarity.

Has a clean and attractive UI.

Offers a variety of different withdrawal methods, including crypto.

They offer some pretty great prices on CS:GO skins.

Great and responsive customer support system.

No fixed fee, which can result in a huge cut for rare skins.

They don’t allow you to change the currency.

Does not consider the stickers when it comes to pricing.

SkinCashier is a solid trading site for CS:GO, Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, and Rust items. They provide a quick selling time through the use of bots and usually get deals done in under an hour.

They have a pretty attractive-looking site that’s intuitive and fun. SkinCashier also has an excellent 4.6 trust score on Trustpilot, offering fast and secure transactions.

SkinCashier also offers instant cash payouts. The cash can still take a couple of hours to reach your bank account, but it should arrive within 24 hours. They’re also one of the very few CS:GO trading sites that actually support PayPal cashouts.

Overall, SkinCashier is a really great choice for trading your skins. However, selling rare skins here can be annoying because of the huge scaling fees. They also don’t consider stickers in their pricing, which can lead to lower prices of valuable weapons.



A photo of the LootBear website.

Check out the website here.
Fee: Monthly subscription starting at $14.99.

Allows you to rent out skins for cheap prices.

Has a basic and straightforward design.

Has a huge inventory for sale and for rent.

Allows you to earn money by renting your skins.

Not too many withdrawal options.

Their site can be a bit slow to load at times.

They don’t support all countries yet.

LootBear is another solid option. It’s hands-down the best CS:GO skin trading site if you’re looking to rent out your skins or rent other people’s skins. It definitely has one of the more unique business models within the industry.

You can sell or rent your skins and cash out to PayPal. They also have insurance and securities in place to keep your skins safe from getting stolen. They boast over 172 million hours of rent time and over $4.4 million paid to skin suppliers.

LootBear is a great way to earn some extra money from the skins sitting in your inventory. It can act as a solid passive income source.

You can also use them to buy or sell skins. However, they are far from the best in that regard. This is why I’ve decided to lower them on the list.



A photo of the Skinport CS:GO trading site.

Check out the website here.
Fee: up to 12%.

They have a wide variety of filter and search options.

You can directly use cash to buy items.

There support multiple games supported aside from CS:GO.

They have an insanely high 12% fee for items under $1000.

They require a KYC (Know Your Customer) verification before being able to withdraw real money.

Some of the price data may be old, especially for the more unpopular skins.

Skinport is another trustworthy trading site that has been around for a couple of years. They have one of the cleanest user interfaces across all trading sites and are the most modern-looking.

Skinport also has a tab for all the different items in the game and gives you detailed information about each listing. They also support several payment methods that easily allow you to buy your preferred skins.

The major downside is their huge 12% fees for trading items below $1000. Although the fees do go as low as 5% for more valuable items, it’s still a huge blow for low-budget traders. This is why we’ve ranked it so low on our list.



A photo of the SwapGG website.

Check out the website here.
Fee: Fixed base fee of 5%.

They offer a massive skin selection through their trading bot and marketplace.

Supports a lot of different payment methods.

They have a nice UI with large photos of the items.

The withdrawal process is slower than other trading sites.

They have poor customer support.

The trading and marketplace balance are separate.

Swap.gg is a trading site that’s been around since 2017. It supports numerous payment methods, is trusted by over 1.2 million users, and conducted over 9.2 million trades to date.

They also have a very sleek-looking UI that’s easy for new traders to understand. They support CS:GO, DOTA 2, Rust, and Team Fortress 2, among a few others.

Thanks to their active trading bots, swap.gg offers a wide selection of items. They also offer getting cash for your skins, but their withdrawal process can be a bit slower than other sites.

Overall, it’s still a great and trusted CS:GO trading site that’s perfect for people looking for the lowest fees.


We believe DMarket is the best CS:GO trading site because of its flexibility, relatively good fees, and numerous offered discounts.

We all want to get the best value for our skins, and using our picks will help you get the most out of your skins.

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