10 Best CS:GO Weapons: Ranked in Order

Don't bring a knife to a gunfight

Anwell Patdu
Anwell Patdu
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There are over 30 weapons in CS:GO. All these weapons have different prices, strengths, and uses. Unfortunately, not all of them are great for use in-game. But we’re here to help you out. We’ve ranked the 10 best CS:GO weapons that you should be using to climb the ranks.



A photo of the AK-47 weapon in CS:GO

Price: $2,700
Base Damage:
Magazine Size: 30/90
Reload Time:
2.40 seconds

Up first is none other than the trusty T-side rifle, the AK-47. The AK-47 is hands down the best weapon because of its ability to one-tap enemies at any range. It offers one of the highest base damage in-game and is more economically friendly than its other rifle counterparts.

The AK-47 has a good rate of fire, a large magazine size, and a fast reload speed. What else could you look for in a rifle? This is why CT’s often pick up dropped AK-47s, even though they spent more money on their M4 rifles.



A photo of the AWP weapon in CS:GO.

Price: $4,750
Base Damage:
Magazine Size: 5/30
Reload Time:
3.70 seconds

It wouldn’t be a list of the best CS:GO weapons without the AWP. I mean, the AWP is such an iconic weapon and is basically synonymous with CS:GO at this point. From the insane flicks, crazy no scopes, and magical outplays, there’s no doubt that the AWP is one of the strongest weapons in CS:GO.

It’s a costly investment that can one-shot enemies with hits to the body or head. When placed in the right player’s hands, the AWP can single-handedly win you the game. Unfortunately, it can be tough to master and is most likely put in the hands of the best player on your team.



A photo of the M4A4.

Price: $3,100
Base Damage: 33
Magazine Size: 30/90
Reload Time:
3.10 seconds

The rifles are the most commonly used weapons in CS:GO and are by far the best. The CT’s rifle of choice is the M4A4. It’s a great all-around weapon that works well when sprayed, has easy recoil management, a large mag size, and great damage. Honestly, if only it also did one-taps like the AK-47, it would probably be the best CS:GO weapon.

The M4A4’s large magazine size helps you spray for a while before needing to reload, and its easy handling makes it great to spray transfer with. The only thing left is to use a good CS:GO crosshair, and you should be defending sites with ease using the M4A4.



A photo of the M4A1-S.

Price: $2,900
Base Damage:
Magazine Size: 20/80
Reload Time:
3.10 seconds

The M4A4 isn’t the only weapon for the CTs, though. The M4A1-S is basically the M4A4s brother with a similar look and feel. It’s a bit cheaper than the M4A4, making it great for support players looking to buy more utility for smoke spots and grenade lineups.

The M4A1-S also has an easier recoil to control, higher base damage, and a detachable silencer. This makes it better for spraying through smokes and short long-range bursts. However, it does come with a significantly smaller magazine size and a slower fire rate than its M4A4 brother.


Desert Eagle

A photo of the Desert Eagle.

Price: $700
Base Damage:
Magazine Size: 7/35
Reload Time:
2.20 seconds

Next up, we have the go-to pistols during save rounds and for those confident enough in their aim. The Desert Eagle or more commonly known as the Deagle, is the most powerful pistol in the game, requiring only one headshot to kill at most ranges.

The Deagle can be quite hard to master, though. If you miss, you’re probably going to end up dead. But its cheap price, high damage output, great penetration, and long-range effectiveness can result in some pretty sick outplays. Maybe it’s time to dedicate more aim training hours to master the Deagle.


SG 553

A photo of the SG 553 weapon in CS:GO.

Price: $3,000
Base Damage:
Magazine Size: 30/90
Reload Time:
2.80 seconds

Another rifle makes an appearance on our list. This time, it also comes with a scope. The SG 553 is another T-side exclusive weapon that can kill enemies with one shot to the head. It’s a bit more expensive than the old and reliable AK-47, but it has a tighter recoil pattern and is better for long-range battles.

Of course, this CS:GO weapon does have some drawbacks. Compared to other rifles, it has a slower rate of fire, offers less mobility, and lower base damage. However, it’s a great weapon for beginners and is great at holding angles, thanks to the added scope.



A photo of the USP-S.

Price: $200
Base Damage:
Magazine Size: 12/24
Reload Time:
2.20 seconds

The USP-S is an alternative spawn pistol to the P2000 for CTs. It’s surprising to see a free weapon that has so much potential like the USP-S. Headshots will automatically kill enemies that don’t have armor but will leave them limping if they do.

It’s a dependable weapon regardless of range and is a reliable sidearm for clutch situations. The silencer is great for hiding your location and helps make the USP-S highly accurate. If you haven’t switched your CT pistol to the USP-S, I highly suggest doing it now.



A photo of the AUG weapon in CS:GO.

Price: $3,300
Base Damage:
Magazine Size: 30/90
Reload Time:
3.80 seconds

The AUG is the CT counterpart to the SG 553. It’s a rifle with a scope for better accuracy and easier aiming. Unfortunately, the AUG is just worse than the SG 553 in almost every way. It’s more expensive, can’t one-shot headshot with armor, and has lower base damage.

The AUG is still an excellent weapon for CTs, though, and can still rival the SG 553. It has a faster fire rate, a smaller bullet spread, and an easier recoil to control. This makes the AUG one of the best CS:GO weapons for beginners.



A photo of the UMP-45.

Price: $1,200
Base Damage:
Magazine Size: 25/100
Reload Time:
3.50 seconds

The UMP-45 is a cheap SMG that packs quite the punch. The UMP-45’s decent magazine size, decent damage, and high fire rate make it an excellent weapon to buy during save or force rounds.

It can easily outclass rifles in short-range battles and can be used as a great entry weapon for smaller sites. The UMP-45 can also be used for run-and-gun situations, which can be highly effective in lower ranks. It’s one of the most underrated weapons in CS:GO.


Galil AR

A photo of the Galil AR weapon in CS:GO.

Price: $1,800
Base Damage:
Magazine Size: 35/90
Reload Time:
3.00 seconds

Our final pick is the Galil AR. It’s a Terrorist-only weapon and is the cheapest rifle available in the game. It’s perfect for force rounds or semi-buys because it can still compete with more powerful weapons in CS:GO.

The Galil AR has a high fire rate, high magazine capacity, and decent base damage, making it a great weapon for spraying. Unfortunately, it does have a strong recoil and isn’t the most accurate weapon at long range. But at only $1,800, how can you complain?


The AK-47 is undoubtedly the best CS:GO weapon there is. Its one-tap potential, great magazine size, and cheap price make it an insanely strong pick.

However, you can’t always get an AK-47 in your hands. So make sure to pick one of the other weapons to help you dominate your opponents. You even get to showcase your multiple CS:GO weapon skins.

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