Best Gaming Monitors for Outriders

Sarthak Khurana
Sarthak Khurana
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The addictive online shooter, Outriders, is just the massive hit that Square Enix was waiting on. Within a few hours of its release, Outriders hit 111,953 concurrent players on steam, completely obliterating the peak player count of Avengers. Despite its early technical issues, the game is raking in new players and has been crowned as Square Enix’s biggest title on Steam by sale volume, and we’re not even counting the PS5 and Xbox Series S/X as well as Gamepass players.

Outriders is the kind of game that will claim at least 100 hours of your life once you get sucked into the lore and additively fast-paced gameplay. But all that gun blazing and magical anomalies (as the game refers to ultimate abilities) seem dull if you’re stuck on a monitor from the past.

Best Gaming Monitors for Outriders

Today, we’ve tailored the list of the best gaming monitors specifically for Outriders so you can enjoy the fast-paced action of the game in its full glory.

Acer Nitro XV242Y Pbmiiprx

Acer Nitro XV242Y
33 Reviews
Acer Nitro XV242Y

  • 23.8″ Full HD
  • NVIDIA G-Sync Compatible
  • Refresh Rate: Up to 165Hz

The Acer Nitro XV242Y Pbmiiprx ticks all the checkboxes of a great gaming monitor, without digging into your wallet like a CAT Excavator. It’s a 23″, 1080p display with a refresh rate of 165Hz. On top of that, you also get AMD Freesync and Nvidia Gsync for a tear-free image. The best part about this monitor is its lightning-fast response rate of 0.5ms, beating even the top-end gaming monitors by fair margins. In fact, that’s the fasted response time out of any monitors on this list.

Coming to the building, it doesn’t really stand out, which may or may not be a good thing depending on your perspective of a ‘gaming’ monitor. However, that’s not a comment on the sturdy build quality of the monitor. It sits on a unique that allows you to turn the screen 360 degrees.

Overall, the Acer Nitro XV242Y Pbmiiprx has all the right ingredients for a perfect gaming monitor without the price tag of one. The only drawback in the resolution, 1080p, which in 2021 is what gamers call ‘peasant resolution’.

ViewSonic ELITE XG270QG 27

ViewSonic ELITE
1,829 Reviews
ViewSonic ELITE

  • WQHD 1440p resolution

The ViewSonic ELITE is hands down the best native G-Sync monitor on the market. The 27″ gaming monitor supports a max refresh rate of 165 Hz, 1ms response time, and a QHD resolution of 1440p. However, the best part about this monitor is the worst part for the Red Gang, since ViewSonic ELITE does not support AMD Freesync. If you’re rocking an AMD GPU to play Outriders, we’d recommend you to steer clear of this one.

The ViewSonic ELITE is also equipped with a number of bells and whistles like a mouse anchor that eliminates cable drag, a USB hub so you have a central charging station, RGB lights on the back and an ergonomic stand that can rotate a full 360 degrees. On the subject of built quality, it’s sturdy but the design feels a wee bit outdated when stacked against other monitors on this list.

The ViewSonic ELITE is a monitor that was seemingly built for G-Sync, and it excels at that. If you’ve got an Nvidia GPU, then ViewSonic ELITE gets a huge green flag from our side.

SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 27

Odyssey G7
3,949 Reviews
Odyssey G7


If you want to make your gaming setup looks as dope as possible, then SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 is what you need! The curved 27″ gaming monitor supports a superb refresh rate of 240Hz, 1ms response time, and a native resolution of 1440p. The gameplay looks not only ultra-smooth but ultra-fast as well. Being a curved screen monitor instead of a plain old flat screen, the immersion on the G7 is a class apart.

The Odyssey G7 has native support for AMD Freesync, so it’s hands down the best Freesync monitor on this list. There’s no need for the Green Gang to riot, Odyssey also supports G-Sync. Samsung’s gaming monitors look like they’re in a league of their own, and the G7 is testimony to that. The curved screen combined with the “Infinity Core” backlighting makes it look like a piece of alien tech. However, that backlighting isn’t configurable. You can either get it in blue or red and then you’re stuck with that colour. There’s also a 34″ model of the Odyssey G7, but since it has the same resolution, the image on 27″ looks much crisper.

The SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 27 is a great monitor for Outriders with hardly any flaws. Sure, it’s a wee bit pricey, but it pays off in the long run.

SAMSUNG 49-inch Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor

SAMSUNG 49-inch Odyssey
3,413 Reviews

Okay, so we had a few tailored recommendations for Outriders in varying categories, but what about that ultra crazy over-the-top monitor? Well, here it is! The SAMSUNG 49-inch Odyssey G9 is the ultra-crazy, ultra-wide gaming monitor that you were hunting for on this list. It’s like two 27″ monitors stitched together. The curvature on this thing is so much that the closest point of the screen and the farthest point of the screen (in depth) is almost 30cm apart! The deep curve makes it easier to ‘consume’ as compared to other super wide monitors.

Given that Outriders is a PVE game where the environment is your enemy, having a wider screen dramatically improves your visibility which, in turn, bumps up your game. The Samsung Odyssey G9 has an ultra-wide resolution of 5120×1440 and a refresh rate of 240Hz, smoothened out by Gsync and Freesync. Add 1ms response time, VRR support and local dimming to the mix and the Samsung Odyssey G9 is the ultimate gaming monitor.

There are hardly any flaws in the Samsung Odyssey G9, if you can afford it (without selling a kidney) then go for it!

How to choose the best gaming monitor for Outriders?

Outriders is a fast-paced PVE game, so the single most important things you need are is a high refresh rate and a wide aspect ratio. All the monitors we’ve mentioned on our list have at least 165Hz refresh rate. Variable refresh rates further smoothen the gameplay and, as you guess most of the monitors on this list support both AMD Freesync and Nvidia Gsync, so that the red and the green gangs can thrive in peace. However, the ViewSonic ELITE has only got G-Sync, and that’s where things can get a bit complicated for the red gang.

The resolution also plays an important part when it comes to choosing a gaming monitor, but since Outriders is more of a shooter than an adventure game, the refresh rate ranks above the resolution.

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