The Best Mouse for CS:GO In 2021

Andrés Figuera Farfan
Andrés Figuera Farfan
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In a game like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive you need to take every piece of advantage you find, which means getting the right gear, and of course, getting the best mouse for CS:GO along with the best keyboard and the best headsets for Counter-Strike. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one to go for.

1:,,, Logitech G Pro WirelessLogitech G Pro Wireless25,600Wireless
2:,,, BenQ Zowie EC2BenQ Zowie EC23,200Wired
3:,,, Razer Viper UltimateRazer Viper Ultimate20,000Wireless
4:,,, Logitech G PRO X SuperlightLogitech G PRO X Superlight25,000Wireless
5:,,, Razer DeathAdder V2Razer DeathAdder V220,000Wired
6:,,, Glorious Model O-Glorious Model O-12,000Wired
7:,,, BenQ Zowie FK2BenQ Zowie FK23,200Wired
8:,,, SteelSeries Sensei TenSteelSeries Sensei Ten18,000Wired

A CS:GO pro mouse will help you play smoother and have professional gaming sessions. While it won’t necessarily make you a better player, it will surely open you to the possibility of becoming one. For example, a top-notch mouse with low DPI and a TKL keyboard will allow you to play just like some pros do.

A gaming mouse for CS:GO needs to feel good and be responsive. After all, in Counter-Strike there aren’t too many extra features other than shooting, so you won’t need a mouse with more than 8 buttons.

The Best Mouse for CS:GO – Our Top 8

If you were out searching to find the best gaming mouse for CS:GO then you’ve come to the right place. These mice will be a helpful tool on FPS like CS:GO or Valorant. Here’s our detailed list of the best mice for CS:GO:

1: Logitech G Pro Wireless

Logitech G Pro Wireless

  • Highly recommended by CS:GO pros
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Light-speed wireless
  • Excellent build quality
  • Expensive

−$38.49 $91.50

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12,630 Reviews

Once upon a time, it was considered an offense to use wireless mice in FPS. Mainly because wireless gaming means bigger latency and other performance errors. But the Logitech G Pro Wireless is undoubtedly the best CS:GO and Valorant mouse if you’re considering going wireless.

Coming up with another ambidextrous design without extra shenanigans, the Logitech G Pro offers us a leading-edge technology that was designed to bring wireless pro mice back into the conversation table.

It has a rechargeable battery that allows you to have more than 40 hours of gameplay, (sounds like a full weekend to me). It also comes with the precise HERO Sensor, which delivers smooth performance with less battery-life consumption.

Logitech Technology

Ok, so this mouse is wireless, so what? Well, let us explain that means many things:

  • No unnecessary cables getting tangled.
  • No cable limits to move around your mouse like you’re playing a symphony.
  • Also no clutch with the cable behind the desktop.

Of course, it’s okay if you still lean into a wired option, but you can’t deny that wireless gaming opens a whole new world of possibilities that you might as well just try out for yourself.

Logitech managed to deliver a good design. The buttons? Crispy. The wheel? Flows like a river. The coating and feet? Decent and smooth. The side buttons are configurable, so that’s Logitech giving a big shout-out to lefties.

To Summarize

Thinking about going wireless with a mouse that will give you everything a wired mouse offers and a little more? Then you can safely choose the Logitech G Pro Wireless. The wireless aspect of this mouse only makes it stand out, but we’re sure it would’ve done that even without that feature. The lightweight’s a win. Having no lag is a win. The HERO sensor is a win. Truly, a pro CS:GO mouse worth the try. No wonder why Logitech is the second most preferred brand among pro players.

Pro players who use the Logitech G Pro Wireless: Jame, valde, autimatic, f0rest, allu, Kjaerbye, dennis.

2: BenQ Zowie EC2

BenQ Zowie EC2

  • Used by many CS:GO pros
  • Good and ergonomic design.
  • Plug and Play feature
  • Buttons can be hard to press


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798 Reviews

We could go on and on about why Zowie’s EC series is on the list of the best mouse for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Why? Simple: It was literally designed to be played in CS:GO. Made with the help of former CS player and current legend Emil “HeatoN” Christensen (that’s where the EC in the name comes from), considered to be an idol in the CS:GO scene. This mouse’s sole purpose was that of being used to play Counter-Strike, and it’s evident to see they’ve done a great job since so many pros use this mouse. No wonder many people refer to it as the best wired mouse for CS:GO.

This mouse is the improved successor of the EC-A, a widely appreciated and popular gaming mouse that is currently officially unavailable. One of the differences from the older models it’s the upgraded 3360 sensor and the more clickable buttons. Although the buttons might feel a bit hard than with other mice, given the nature of Huano buttons, the EC’s buttons feel not so rough as the older models. Even the scroll wheel feels a little rigid, so this is an excellent model for those who like to make stronger clicks.

Zowie Ergonomics

Now let’s talk about the design. The EC2 really looks like an upgraded version of your regular computer mouse. But that’s just for ergonomic purposes. In reality, it has everything you’d need on a mouse to play CS:GO: A powerful sensor, a simple yet comfortable design, and the approval of the pro community. Zowie doesn’t really care about shenanigans in their mice, they care about performance. This is the ideal mouse to play CS:GO.

This mouse feels really light (it weighs only 87g), which is great news if you prefer lighter mice or bad news if you’re into heavier models. And speaking of grabbing your mouse, this mouse adapts to almost every grip style (though this depends on the size of your hands). The package includes a set of 16 replacement mouse feet, which means that you can change them up to four times since this mouse has four small feet.

The DPI range it’s a little too limited, it’s not as wide as other mice, but surely does its job. But one of the best features has to be the plug-and-play option that Zowie offers in most of their products. This means that you don’t need to install any drivers to use their products, so you can literally use the mouse as soon as you buy it.

To Summarize

The EC is the mouse you’d recommend to a friend asking advice on how to get started on CS:GO. Almost no one is left disappointed with this mouse thanks to its ergonomic design, its powerful sensor, and durability. Your hand will become one with the mouse as you play. Truly, the best mouse to play CS:GO.

Pro players who use the BenQ Zowie EC2: ropz, Magisk, k0nfig, ISSAA, Qikert.

3: Razer Viper Ultimate

Razer Viper Ultimate

  • 20K DPI optical sensor
  • Simple and unique design
  • Light beam-based actuation
  • Software is not available on macOS.

−$60.00 $69.99

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13,810 Reviews

We can’t make a list of the best mice for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and just pretend like Razer doesn’t exist. One of their latest creations is the fantastic Razer Viper Ultimate. Mixed with powerful wireless technology and next-gen hardware, this model promises next-level gaming sessions. If the future is wireless, then the Viper Ultimate is one of the pioneers of wireless technology.

Razer is trying to reach all audiences, so unlike the Razer DeathAdder V2, this model is ambidextrous. This is great news if you’re a left-handed gamer with few options left, but if you’re used to right-handed designs it might feel a little off at first. The size is good enough for most hand sizes, although very large hands will find it hard to use, especially if they use a palm grip.

The Viper Ultimate has a seemingly simple yet unique style. Most of it looks like the Razer Viper, its wired predecessor, but one of the differences is that this model is 5 grams heavier (this model is only 74 grams). You can find lighter wired models, but in the wireless arena, it’s one of the lightest options around.

Wireless, Optical, Razer

This mouse uses a 2.4GHz RF dongle in order to function wirelessly. This technology performs fantastically, just like a regular wired mouse, and without lag issues. You can get this model with a wireless charging dock for a few extra dollars, which will make the experience feel more complete. It can last up to 70 hours. The mouse’s logo and the dock base have fully customizable RGB lights.

Another excellent feature is the 8 optical switches. If you’re familiar with the concept of optical switches, you’ll know that they’re usually faster, respond better, and last longer than regular mechanical switches. The Viper Ultimate has a pair of programmable macro buttons on each side.

The Focus+ optical sensor contains a CPI range of up to 20000. So you can adjust the sensor for when you want to play like a pro and for when you just need to use your mouse for any other activity.

Everything from the RGB, the macros, and the CPI of the sensor can be personally customized on the mouse’s software, Razer Synapse. Thankfully, the interface is user-friendly and easy to use. You can store five onboard profiles on the mouse. However, it doesn’t work on Apple devices.

To Summarize

If you’re looking for a wireless mouse that’s light, ambidextrous, and performs professionally, then the Razer Viper Ultimate is the one to go. This mouse will give you smooth glides and clicks all the time.

Pro players who use the Razer Viper Ultimate: tarik, NBK-, stanislaw, TACO.

4: Logitech G PRO X Superlight

Logitech G PRO X Superlight

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Powered by Lightspeed
  • High-quality performance
  • Hero 25K sensor
  • No RGB lights.
  • No on the fly DPI button

−$20.00 $139.99

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8,333 Reviews

Logitech makes its way again into this list, this time with an incredibly light and wireless mouse, the Logitech G Pro X Superlight. Designed specifically for gamers who need a light and top-performing mouse for CS:GO.

The design is almost identical to the Logitech G Pro Wireless. Both have the same modest and minimalistic look. These mice weren’t made with superfluous shenanigans, every feature was meticulously planned to deliver a top-quality product.

One difference is that this model only has two side switches on the left side while the G Pro Wireless has them on both sides. This model is also slightly higher on the back and with practically no RGB lights. But for the rest, we can see the same build quality, same performance level, same responsiveness.

Wireless Lightspeed

The main aspect that makes the G Pro X Superlight stand out is the fact that this mouse weighs only 63 grams. That’s surprisingly light for a wireless mouse since wireless mice’s technology usually makes them a little heavier than their wired counterparts. Well, this mouse has set out to redefine what wireless mice can do for gamers. If you change the rules you can win the game.

This mouse has all of the necessary features to perform excellently and be super light and fast. Like most wireless mice, it uses a 2.4GHz dongle to work and the battery can last for more than 70 hours.

You can tweak some settings with the Logitech G Hub software. As usual, you can save profiles and change the CPI settings. This software works on both Windows and macOS devices.

To Summarize

Logitech has set the bar even higher for how much a gaming mouse can weigh. They managed to design a mouse that doesn’t sacrifice too many essential features and delivers pro-quality performance. Ideal for gamers who need a lighter mouse to play like a pro.

Pro players who use the Logitech G Pro X Superlight: s1mple, dupreeh, Skadoodle, tabseN, cadiaN, niko, suNny.

5: Razer DeathAdder V2

Razer DeathAdder V2

  • Very comfortable
  • 8 Programmable Buttons
  • Focus+ 20K DPI Optical Sensor
  • Drag-Free Cord

−$29.47 $40.52

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16,292 Reviews

Another great gaming CS:GO mouse on this list has to be the Razer DeathAdder V2. This model gets everything right from the previous DeathAdder Elite. Improved Optical Sensor? Check. Durability on buttons that last 70 million clicks? Check. One of the best mice for CS:GO that money can buy? Check.

The not so brilliantly named cable (Speedflex Cable) is a lot more flexible than older versions that used to pull the mouse to one side while it was resting. Yeah, that’s a problem of the past with this brand-new cable.

It also has a wide DPI range that feels intimidating. I personally wouldn’t go anywhere beyond the 10,000 DPI area because after that number my mind stops working and so does the cursor. But still, this range of DPI will give you more freedom when choosing how you want to play your games. The optical sensor delivers flawless results: Accurate and precise. No wonder it’s rated the best mouse for Minecraft.

Razer’s Fantastic Ergonomics

On gripping style? This mouse should fit perfectly with the palm grip and semi-perfectly with the claw and fingertip grip.

This model isn’t ambidextrous (Bad news for the left-handed), but it compensates that with an ergonomic design. It’s covered in a matte black coating that stops your sweaty competitive hand from slipping away. The DPI button was built in the (apparently) most inconvenient place ever, right below the scrolling wheel. And since it doesn’t take too much pressure to press it, you might end up switching up the DPI in mid-gameplay without even noticing.

This model is a more affordable mouse if the first mice on this list were not on your budget, so it’s worth giving it a try, since it’s just as good as those. Even though it wasn’t purely designed for CS:GO, we’re sure you can make it fit with a little practice.

One big inconvenience that gamers encounter is that when trying to install the mouse, they need to create a mandatory Razer account and register to use the mouse. Some users consider this to be ridiculous. Why would they need to create an account (and give personal information) just to use their mouse? But if that isn’t a problem with you, then go ahead and give it a try.

To Summarize

Razer has been making amazing mice over the last couple of years and gamers know this is a fact. There’s no way you could go wrong with the DeathAdder V2. With an optical sensor, a set of eight customizable buttons, and an anti-slippery coat, you get everything you need in a gaming mouse.

Pro player who uses the Razer DeathAdder V2: electronic.

6: Glorious Model O-

Glorious Model O-

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Pixart 3360 Sensor
  • HoneyComb Shell
  • Drag-Free Cord
  • Lack of DPI button


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7,016 Reviews

We’re only reviewing the lightest and fastest gaming mice for Global Offensive. And that’s why we need to take a look at one of the lightest models available, the Glorious Model O- (Minus). Just when everybody was minding their business, this model came out with an amazingly lightweight feature and a honeycomb design.

Let’s first dissect this interesting mouse design. At first glance, this model might trigger different reactions thanks to its honeycomb pattern on the back. This rebellious design is going to make you hate it or love it. The holes actually help make this model lighter and help you out by ventilating your hand as you play. But once you get through the first impression, you’ll notice that this model is ambidextrous and has a well-designed body for most hand sizes.

Responsive and Fast

The mouse glides and clicks fantastically as soon as you plug it in. While owning it might not magically make you a skilled professional player, it will definitively help you on your way there. You can customize the RGB lights and profiles thanks to the software. It doesn’t have a DPI-dedicated button, so you’ll have to toggle that with the software.

Despite being so relatively cheap (compared to other models), this mouse still has a great build quality despite its lightweight design. It’s amazing to see a well-built mouse that’s strong enough to handle the toughest sessions and light enough to swing around easily. A great option if you’re into drag clicking.

The cable is flexible and you won’t even notice is there when you play. Another plus is the fact that this model manages to maintain an amazing price and great features.

To Summarize

This model is an excellent choice because of its great performance, its lightness, and its speed. At this price, it’s quite amazing to find a mouse like this. The honeycomb-like holes might put some people off at first, but if they’re necessary for a better gaming experience then you’ll learn to love them.

7: BenQ Zowie FK2

BenQ Zowie FK2

  • Minimalistic
  • Used by CS:GO pros
  • Plug and play
  • Can be hard to push buttons

−$32.00 $37.99

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161 Reviews

Another mouse worth mentioning that also comes from Zowie, it’s the Zowie FK2. It has all the good features of the EC2-A series, but this model has an ambidextrous design. Zowie really did their research and came up with a mouse that would feel good in the right hands (and in the left hands).

Zowie teamed up with another legend of Counter-Strike to come up with the FK line, Filip “NEO” Kubski help design it and fans went crazy over the ambidextrous design. Like the Zowie EC2-A models, the FK2 has a 3310 optical sensor that is very responsive. The DPI is the same as other models and ranges from 400/800/1600/3200 DPI which is ultimately what you need to have smooth gameplay.

A Zowie Model for Everybody

What about the design? Well, other than being ambidextrous this mouse has a flatter design than other models. This addition only makes sense since Zowie has an established goal of providing shape for every gamer so that no one’s left out on the pro mice arena. And if the EC2 didn’t get you, then the FK2 will do. The buttons are somewhat hard to press, but nothing impossible to do.

Like most Zowie products, the Zowie FK2 comes with the Plug and Play option, because you know that installing drivers is never part of the full experience. There is a newer version of this product, the FKB-2, but that loses the side buttons on the right side, and that makes it a less ideal option for all the left-handed people in the world.

Okay, maybe Zowie’s products aren’t exactly the cheapest out there, but you get what you pay for. The level of comfort and effectiveness isn’t something you’d get with a 10 dollar Wallmart mouse.

To Summarize

Is Zowie FK2 the best mouse for CSGO left-handed players? Well, it surely does its job, so we can make a sure bet on that one. But even if you’re not a left-handed person, you can enjoy the simple yet precise design of the FK2 without any inconvenience.

Pro players who use the BenQ Zowie FK2: Zeus, coldzera.

8: SteelSeries Sensei Ten

SteelSeries Sensei Ten

  • Very comfortable design
  • Amazing sensor performance
  • On board memory
  • The side rubbers aren’t as durable as the mouse body

−$24.00 $45.99

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639 Reviews

Last on this list, we got the SteelSeries Sensei Ten. SteelSeries has been creating gaming hardware for over 15 years, so they seem to know what they’re doing. The name Ten (天) is the Chinese/Japanese character for “heaven”. That’s a way to say that this model transcends the limits of what a gaming mouse is supposed to do.

A word on design: It’s minimalistic, elegant, and yet powerful. It can work for a deathmatch in the middle of Nuke and then pass as your classical office mouse. Its beautiful curves make it a match for almost all types of grip styles. It’s one of the best ambidextrous mice out there given its flexibility and level of comfort.

SteelSeries Chooses Elegance and Minimalism

The Sensei Ten it’s like most mice in this list; there is no unnecessary gimmick in its body. It has only what you really need on an FPS like Counter-Strike. It prioritizes performance over extra features. Behind the scenes it has an optical sensor called TrueMove Pro that can track movements at a DPI of 18,000 at 1,000-Hz-per-millisecond polling rate.

You can also customize everything trough the free SteelSeries Engine 3 software. You can adjust the RGB lighting, the DPI, and change the buttons.

To Summarize

This mouse is one of the best options out there for CS:GO pro mice. It’s light, not so expensive, and practical. And while that doesn’t mean that you’ll kill the other team any faster, it’s certainly an advantage to play with a mouse that helps you develop your skills like a pro gamer.

Pro player who uses the SteelSeries Sensei Ten: woxic.

Statistics on CSGO Pro Mouse

So, do you want to know what CSGO mice that pros use? We took a look at the top 30 CS:GO players as of April 2021, and here’s what we learned:

Most Used Mice by CSGO Pro Players (By Brand)

Most Used Mice by Brand

Taking a look at this data, shows us that in terms of brands, Zowie is dominating the arena with its many well-designed mice. This is almost no surprise since the EC series was literally designed for CS:GO with the help of CS pro Emil “HeatoN” Christensen. However, we can see that Logitech is just a few numbers behind, who knows if maybe the future of the gaming mice arena belongs to Logitech. Now let’s look at the top mice models.

Most Used Mice by CSGO Pro Players (By Model)

Most Used Mice by Model

More pro players are using the Logitech G Pro Wireless mouse because being wireless brings them a new level of hand freedom. Still, the Zowie products dominate the area as of today, and only time will tell us if another mouse maker will eventually overthrow them.

We can see a big and varied scene of mice. For some players, wireless suits them, and others feel comfortable with a wired choice. You have to know that this is just a reference to what the pros prefer. It’s okay if you choose something different than them. The gaming mouse for CS:GO that you pick will always be up to your preferences as a player. All of these CS:GO pro mice won’t necessarily give you the gift of the pros, so use this as a reference and not as a strict to-go rule.

What to Look for When Buying a Gaming Mouse?

Best Mouse for CS:GO

Whether it’s for CS:GO, Valorant, or even Minecraft, when it comes to the things that you should look for in a gaming mouse, you might feel a little lost. With so many designs and features, how on Earth are you supposed to know what to choose?

We’re here to make things simpler and pick you up on your way to your perfect gaming mouse. So, for those of you who might feel a little lost when choosing their gaming mouse, here’s a quick summary:

Team Wire or Team Wireless?

Team Wire or Team Wireless?

In the distant past (around 2010 or so), it would have been a crime to think of using a wireless mouse to play any game, especially an FPS. Most models presented a certain degree of lag, and although it was minimal, every second matters on the CS:GO battlefield. However, more and more fabricants are choosing to release wireless mice in the market that have no lag whatsoever, like the Logitech G Pro.

Still, many gamers prefer the good and always reliable wire in their mouse, since they almost never have to worry about lag issues with wires. That’s why many people keep choosing wired mice over wireless options. Still, a wireless mouse can give more mobility than a wired mouse, so keep that in mind when you make your purchase.



We firmly believe that no gamer in the world should go to bed with a tired hand. That’s why you need to pick a mouse with an ergonomic design that can adapt to your hand and your gripping style. If it feels comfortable and like a good fit, then you’ll be able to spend more time worrying about killing and less time worrying if you’ll need to leave your hand on a bucket of ice after the game ends.

Take a look at your hand. Whether you have small or large hands be sure to choose a mouse suitable for your size.

Left or Right?

Left or Right?

No, we’re not talking about politics, we’re talking about hand preferences. If you’re right-handed, then give yourself a pat on the back because most gaming mouse manufacturers have you on their sight. And what about our left-handed gamers in the world? Well, they have it harder.

Being left-handed limits your choices, but it doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. Some mice makers make left-handed versions of their products. Some others (like the BenQ Zowie FK2 or the SteelSeries Sensei Ten) are made to be ambidextrous. So no matter which hand you use, there is a pro mouse out there for you.


CS:GO DPI Settings

Another factor to keep in mind is the Dots per Inch (DPI). While technically it should be Counts per Inch (CPI), most people know it as DPI so it’s easier for manufacturers to keep it as DPI.

Basically, the DPI it’s the sensitivity of the sensor. So, the higher the DPI the less physical distance you need to move your mouse to move the cursor on the screen. Nowadays, some mice will have a ridiculously high number of DPI, but just try to use a mouse with 10,000 DPI without asking yourself “Why am I spinning in circles?”

Although it’s nice to have a high DPI option, most CS:GO pros recommend setting your mouse around 100 to 1000 DPI for optimal gameplay. This is for better accuracy when shooting. But still, ask yourself if you’re a fan of fast and big hand movements (1,200 DPI or less) or prefer slower and smaller hand movements (2,000 DPI or more). If you’re used to using your mouse with a DPI of 2000 or more, try to practice your aim with something below 1000 to play professional style.

Built to last

Built to last

We all know that when playing a game like CS:GO people can get… passionate. Because when we are in “the zone” sometimes we might click too hard or we might just grip the mouse-like our lives depend on it. So if you like to hold tight your mouse then it’s best to go for a resistant and well-built model. Most of the best mice for CS:GO are tested by their developers and pro gamers to verify their solidity.


Is a Gaming Mouse Worth It?

Yes! A gaming mouse will prove to be helpful to any gamer. Whether it’s the ergonomics, the aesthetic design, or the multiple buttons, a gaming mouse it’s worth the investment.

Can a Gaming Mouse Improve your Aim?

While having a better mouse won’t necessarily improve your aim, the right equipment will surely help you improve your skills in a faster time. That means that if you have a gaming mouse that’s comfortable to use and makes your gameplay smoother, you’ll eventually improve your aim.

Does your Mouse Matter in CS:GO?

Yes. Most gaming mice have better sensitivity, are built to be stronger, and have more functionalities in order for gamers to live a better game immersion. Especially if you rely a lot on your aim and like aim duels. Regular mice are good for general purposes, but they make gaming mice for a reason, to play better.

Is a Wireless Mouse Better than a Wired Mouse for Gaming?

Wireless mice have a reputation of presenting lag issues, and for gamers, that’s crucial for not leaning towards them. However, nowadays there are more and more manufacturers creating wireless gaming mice with a latency as low as wired mice. Still, most gamers prefer a wired mouse since they are seen as more responsive and reliable.

How Heavy is the Average Gaming Mouse?

Everyone has a different preference and most gaming mice have a weight that ranges from 90g to 120g.

Does Weight Matter in a Gaming Mouse?

The lighter the mice the easier it is to move around without complications, but people who have a harder grip might feel like they’re playing with a feather. Heavier mice will give you better control over how it moves around, but some people might see their mobility reduced. In short terms, heavier mice help with accuracy and lighter mice help with mobility, it’s all about preferences.

What DPI Do CS:GO Pros Use?

Most pro CS:GO players use a DPI of 400 or lower and around 1.5 and 2.0 in-game sensibility.          

Why Are CS:GO Pro Mice so Expensive?

Simple, because they will help you play smoother and for a longer time without too many issues. You could technically get a 10-buck regular mouse at any big store, but ultimately, these mice are chosen by pros for their quality, their comfort, and their ease of use.


Now that you’ve been through this list of the best mice for CS:GO, you can confidently and securely take a choice on your gaming gear. There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing a mouse, as long as you’re using a pro model that you feel comfortable with, you’ll be great. And if you ever get tired of playing Counter-Strike you can always try something different like Unturned.

Thank you for reading us and be sure to check WhatIfGaming to find out about the best gaming news and solutions. Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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