Best RAM For Intel Core i7-11700k in 2021

Daniel Westrop
Daniel Westrop
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When it comes to gaming processors in 2021, it can’t get much better than Intel Core i7-11700k. It would only be right to get the best RAM for this CPU so you can utilize core i7-11700k’s full potential. We’ve got you covered with some great options but before we look at them let’s get a better understanding of this CPU and see why it is so special.

This processor is one of the 11th Gen Rocket Lake releases that takes gaming performance to the next level. Rocket Lake being released in 2021 is the best definition of perfect timing. Its release comes after AMD’s Ryzen 5000 processors were running riot in the desktop market and surpassed previously dominant intel’s Comet chip in every way including gaming.

Rocket Lake takes intel back to the top of the CPU hierarchy. This is of course attributed to improvements such as the 19% increase in Input Per Cycle(IPC) due to the Cypress Cove architecture. You should keep in mind that Cypress Cove is the first new microarchitecture in 6 years. Now that we have an idea of how powerful this CPU is, let’s talk more about picking the best RAM to get the most out of your machine.

Best RAM For Intel Core i7-11700k

Corsair VENGEANCE RGB PRO32GB3600 MHz priceicon priceicon priceicon
G.Skill Trident Z Neo Series32GB3600 MHz priceicon priceicon priceicon
Corsair Vengeance LPX32GB2666MHz priceicon priceicon
HyperX Predator 32GB3200 MHz priceicon priceicon priceicon
TEAMGROUP T-Force Vulcan Z32GB3600MHz priceicon priceicon

How much does RAM affect performance? It is no secret that when it comes to gaming, RAM is not one of the components you should break the bank on when building your PC. While components such as the GPU guarantees you a considerable increase in fps the answer is not most often straightforward for RAM.

To make things even more complicated, the effect of RAM on AMD CPU is different from that of Intel. The difference is considerable too since AMD’s processor performance gains a significant boost due to quality RAM. This is mainly because Ryzen has more latency than intel, therefore increasing RAM speed means that AMD will go from higher latency to lower latency.

That being said, we have picked out some great options for you by making sure that they meet certain conditions. For instance, all the kits in our list are rated 32GB, this will be more than enough for your gaming needs. Secondly, all of the options have excellent clock speeds that range from 2666MHz to 3600MHz. We’ve also got you covered if you were considering overclocking. We recommend the kits that support the XMP 2.0 technology, this will make your life easier if you want to overclock your ram but don’t want to manually change the values yourself. It is also trouble and risk-free.

We also considered latency in our choices which range from cl16 to cl18. Pretty decent figures. And last but not least, RGB lighting. If you are looking for speed and style we have listed some great options that come with bright RGB lighting and additionally give you full control of the colors and patterns.

Since you now have a good idea of how we picked our choices, let’s check out the best RAM for intel core i7-11700k below:

1: Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro

Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3600...
7,802 Reviews
Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3600...
  • High performance DDR4 memory illuminates your system with vivid, animated...
  • Take control with CORSAIR iCUE software and synchronize lighting across all your...
  • Customize lighting profiles with millions of different patterns and colors, or...

Being in the industry for 20+ years, Corsair is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to RAM. We are glad that they did not disappoint us but lived up to the expectations with the Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 32GB. Corsair Vengeance Pro RAM is compatible with the intel DDR4 motherboard so you can get this kit out of the box and pop the RAM sticks into their slots with the minimum of fuss.

This memory kit runs at a whooping 3600Mhz which is the fastest clock speed on our list. Want to push it further to its limits through overclocking? No problem. Vengeance PRO is built from delicately screened Integrated Circuits which ensures that its overclocking potential is extended. Speaking about overclocking, it manages heat effectively thanks to the aluminum heat spreader that ensures each module is cooled efficiently.

We also loved the custom performance Printed Circuit Board that not only guarantees a higher signal quality but also provides performance stability. 

Vengeance is not only built for speed but also style, this makes it a favorite for PC builders and VR players. It features 10 individually addressable RGB LEDs that illuminate your system with bright colors. What’s great about Vengeance RGB lighting is that you are in control of your color patterns which can be synchronized with other corsair compatible components. In addition, it allows you to be creative as you can create your custom colors and patterns in the CORSAIR iCUE software.

Overall, if you are looking for style and speed Vengeance might be a good option for you. And this swift 3600Mhz Cl18 RAM will push your core i711700k to its maximum potential.

2: G.Skill Trident Z Neo

G.Skill Trident Z Neo Series 32GB (2 x 16GB)...
2,552 Reviews
G.Skill Trident Z Neo Series 32GB (2 x 16GB)...
  • Trident Z Neo Series, designed specifically for AMD Ryzen 3000 and X570 Series;...
  • 32GB kit containing 2 x 16GB modules, DDR4-3600, 288-Pin, CAS Latency CL16...
  • Brand: G.SKILL, Series: Trident Z Neo Series, Model: F4-3600C16D-32GTZNC

G.Skill Trident Z is another great option that is well known for its speed and aesthetics. It is a 32 GB 3600MHz kit that offers 16-19-19-39 timings at 1.35 V. G.Skill is a DIMM module PC4-28800 with 288 pins. We cannot talk about G.Skill without mentioning its robust heat spreader, it comes with a dual-tone design that consists of black brushed aluminum and adjacent to it, powder-coated silver. This design adds depth to the style of your build while also ensuring that each module is kept cool.

Just like Vengeance above, G.Skill is built with overclocking in mind. It is crafted with handcrafted integrated circuits and custom 10 layered Print Board Circuits. This ensures that signal integrity is maintained to achieve fast overclocking performance. 

For the PC builders, it comes with a fully customizable RGB software that can be used to customize and fully control the 8-zone RGB lighting. The sleek beveled edges at the top compliment this kit’s look especially when the RGB lights are on. Additionally, the asymmetrical slant combined with the tri-fin design gives this kit a clean and sleek look.

All in all, G.Skill has many great talking points. For instance, the fact they come equipped with the Trident Z Neo heatsinks which not only cool your ram but also adds style to your system too. We also love that it has an edge over Vengeance in terms of latency as it is rated at cl16. A great option if you want both performance and beauty.

3: Corsair Vengeance LPX

Corsair CMK32GX4M2A2666C16 Vengeance LPX 32GB...
63,583 Reviews
Corsair CMK32GX4M2A2666C16 Vengeance LPX 32GB...
  • Hand-sorted memory chips ensure high performance with generous overclocking...
  • VENGEANCE LPX is optimized for wide compatibility with the latest Intel and AMD...
  • A low-profile height of just 34mm ensures that VENGEANCE LPX even fits in most...

Vengeance LPX is one of the best kits from Corsair. Unlike Vengeance pro above it does not focus so much on the aesthetics department but this does not take anything away from its flawless performance. This is because it is specifically designed for Intel CPUs making it a great choice to be coupled with your core i7-11700k. Corsair is known to be thorough especially since they test almost every motherboard in the market for performance and compatibility. 

This 32 GB kit comes with a clock speed of 2666MHz and with a cl16 latency.

To get the most out of overclocking, it is built from a custom performance Printed Circuit Board. Additionally, it comes with an effective heat spreader that will ensure your ram stays cool for the best performance.

We particularly like the size of the modules. It will be a perfect fit for PC builders with small cases or if you have a system where internal space is at a premium. The low profile design gives your system a cleaner look. Also, even though we mentioned that Vengeance lpx lacks RGB lighting it compensates by coming in a variety of colors to choose from.

Overall, Vengeance lpx ticks all the boxes of a good ram. From the design to performance. We especially love the XMP 2.0 feature which gives it an edge over its competitors for hassle-free overclocking.

4: HyperX Predator

HyperX Predator DDR4 RGB 32GB Kit 3200MHz CL16...
1,733 Reviews
HyperX Predator DDR4 RGB 32GB Kit 3200MHz CL16...
  • Stunning RGB style
  • Patent pending HyperX infrared Sync technology
  • Fierce aluminum heat spreader complements the smooth RGB effects

HyperX Predator is not in any way an unfamiliar name when it comes to the list of the best gaming rams. It is not your typical RGB ram. This beauty is rated at 3200MHz with low cl16 latency and 16-18-18 timings. Speed is not a problem for this ram and it takes even further to improve speed through overclocking. We were impressed with its overclocking potential, you can push the stock 3200MHz clock speed and 16-18-18 timings to their limits. Its exceptionality in overclocking does not come as a surprise as it uses Hynix CJR-die ICs which have a very good reputation when it comes to overclocking. And for this reason, it rivals the all-powerful Samsung b-die modules.

HyperX predator keeps it simple and modern in its design. It comes with the impressive Infrared Sync technology that will keep your RGB effects synced without the need to use cables. Speaking about RGB effects, this module does not slack off in any way in the aesthetics department. You can fully customize this bad boy with the NGenuity software. Let your creative juices flow! 

Additionally, HyperX Predator does not slack in any way when it comes to heat control thanks to its black aluminum heat spreader. Temperature control in this module is top-notch as the Printed Circuit Board also plays an important role in making sure your ram is cool for the best performance. 

All in all, what stands out for us in HyperX predator is its overclocking potential and performance. It is also great that it comes with XMP support in that regard making overclocking a breeze and trouble-free. And of course, its stock 3200MHz clock speed and cl16 latency will be enough to get the most out of your core i7-11700k CPU.

5: TEAMGROUP T-Force Vulcan Z

TEAMGROUP T-Force Vulcan Z DDR4 32GB Kit (2x16GB)...
8,726 Reviews
TEAMGROUP T-Force Vulcan Z DDR4 32GB Kit (2x16GB)...
  • Simple design to perfectly protect the cooling module
  • High thermal conductive adhesive
  • Supports Intel & AMD motherboards

T-Force products are well known around the globe and have some prestigious awards under their belt. They are very confident with the quality of their ram and they go as far as providing a lifetime warranty. We are happy that it has been specifically designed to support intel motherboards. It comes with one of the highest clock speed compared to other T-Force’s rams as it is rated at 3600MHz PC4-28800. The blazing speed of this ram will help you to get the best performance from your core i7-11700k CPU. Though it has a relatively high latency of cl18, slightly more than some of the options on our list.

With overclocking in mind, it is built on high quality selected Integrated Circuits. It additionally supports XMP 2.0 technology to allow you to experience the thrill of overclocking easily. Overclocking can cause high temperatures on your ram which would affect the general performance though T-force comes with a superior heat dissipation system to tackle just that. It does this through its superconductive and thermally conductive adhesives that swiftly transfer heat from the IC to the aluminum alloy cooling module that dissipates heat better.

As much as it is fast, the basic working voltage of this module is 1.2 V. This means that it uses low power and in turn saves energy without compromising on performance.

However, T-Force is not the prettiest ram out there, if looks are a deal-breaker for you. It additionally does not come with the RGB led lights. Though it comes in different colors that you could match with your case color. We particularly like the yellow camouflage design which we recommend if you hate the idea of getting boring plain colors.

In summary, T-Force comes with one of the best heat control mechanisms on our list which allows you to overclock your ram with the XMP 2.0 feature without having to worry about overheating. Although it might not be the best-looking ram out there, it does not slack off in any way in terms of performance. And with the blazing-fast 3600MHz clock speed, this is definitely an option to consider to get the most out of your core i7-11700k CPU.


As we have seen from our list above, a good ram focuses on speed, heat control, and overclocking support. Though not essential, good RAM should look good too with or without RGB lighting. If you are still undecided, we recommend going with the HyperX Predator as it comes with the best of both worlds, performance, and beauty.

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