The Best White PC Cases of 2021

    Finding the best white PC case isn’t as easy as before when there were limited options. The market is full of white computer cases today. This makes it difficult for the uninitiated to weed out the good ones from the bad ones. 

    Lucky for you, we’re here to help. 

    We’ve done the research and put in hours of work to find the best white computer cases that can house all of your chosen components, keep your hardware cool, and minimize noise levels, all the while looking as good as can be. But, of course, because aesthetics and preferences are a real thing, we made sure that we had a little bit of everything for everybody. 

    Scroll down below to find out what we think are the best white PC cases today. 

    1. NZXT H510i 

    NZXT H510i - CA-H510i-W1 - Compact ATX Mid -Tower...
    • New features: Front I/O USB Type-C Port, Vertical GPU Mount, Tempered glass side...
    • Smart device v2: Includes a faster microprocessor for NZXT CAM-powered control...
    • Vertical GPU mounting: Show off your graphic card with a built-in mounting...

    Based on the popular NZXT H510, the NZXT H510i is an elite PC gaming case that sports the same sleek and stylish build, as well as the high-quality construction of its predecessor, all while maintaining high functionality with a dual-exhaust fan set-up that keeps your set-up cool without being obnoxiously loud. 

    Features and Specifications

    The H510i is a compact ATX mid-tower PC case that supports all builds outside of eATX and comes with NZXT’s patented cable routing kit. It also has pre-installed channels and straps that make it easy to tidy up your system. 

    Speaking of, the H510i goes out of its way to help users showcase their builds. It comes with a built-in mounting bracket that lets you install your graphics card vertically as long as you have a PCIe riser card installed. 

    Both of these features go very well with its single-screw-installation tempered glass side panel that makes it easy to show off the insides of your PC. 

    What makes the H510i unique from the H510 is the addition of the NZXT Smart Device V2, which now comes with a much faster microprocessor. This gives users better control of the two built-in NZXT HUE 2 RGB lighting channels, as well as the three fan channels that support both PWM and voltage-regulated fans, using the NZXT CAM software. 

    To top it all off, the H510i is very compatible with AIOs and custom water-cooling set-ups. The front of the case, for example, is basically empty and is just itching to be mounted with a radiator and fans. 

    Other notable features of the H510i include having multiple fan filters pre-installed and USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C compatibility. 


    • User-friendly
    • Competitive pricing
    • Built-in RGB strips and NZXT CAM V2 module
    • Plenty of cable management options
    • Excellent cooling and acoustics performance out of the box


    • Tight fit for multi-storage systems
    • Minimal front panel connections

    2. Corsair iCUE 220T  

    Corsair iCUE 220T RGB Airflow Tempered Glass...
    • Improve your system's cooling with a high airflow layout, complete with a steel...
    • Light up your PC with three included Corsair SP120 RGB Pro fans, each lined with...
    • The included lighting Node Core controls your RGB lighting, making for brilliant...

    The Corsair iCUE 220T is another good example of function means aesthetics. Although the front panel patterns are divisive, they undoubtedly spark interested. Not to mention, the design isn’t just for show. It helps improve airflow inside, which, along with the included Corsair SP120 RGB Pro fans, should keep your system cool and comfy even under heavy load. 

    Features and Specifications

    The 220T is made out of solid steel with a sturdy front plate that’s been etched to add a striking look while adding more functionality to it. Also, for better aesthetics, it comes with a lighting Node Core that lets you control the case’s RGB lighting using the Corsair iCUE software. 

    To help you showcase your build better, the 220T comes with an edge-to-edge tempered glass side panel.

    Finally, one of the biggest reasons why the 220T comes well-recommended is that it comes with three Corsair SP120RGB Pro fans right out of the box. These are some of the most well-recommended fans among enthusiasts. They’re also quite expensive. The fact that it comes with three gives the case the ideal mix of value, performance, and aesthetics. 


    • Compact
    • Reasonable pricing
    • Surprisingly good airflow


    • Limited internal space
    • Divisive front panel design

    3. Fractal Design Meshify S2 

    Fractal Design Meshify S2- Mid Tower Computer...
    • True modularity: high-airflow open layout design
    • Distinctive design: Stealth inspired angular mesh ventilation with Type-C...
    • Glass side panel included: seamless, bolt-free tempered glass with push-to-lock...

    “Roomy” is a word that we’d like to use to describe the Fractal Design Meshify S2 because of its cavernous and accommodating insides. We also want to use “versatile”, because the case can accommodate any build, including but not limited to high-end custom liquid cooling set-ups, servers with multiple hard drives, and a performance-oriented system with tons of case fans. 

    Features and Specifications

    The Meshify S2 is considered the largest Meshify case to date and boasts what Fractal refers to as a “high-airflow open layout design”. This is basically their way of describing the numerous configuration options afforded to Meshify S2 users, as well as the good airflow right out of the box, which includes angular mesh ventilation and three pre-installed Dynamic X2 fans.

    Accessing hardware installed inside the Meshify S2 is easy with the bolt-free tempered glass side panel and the innovative removable top bracket. It also comes with a Nexus+ Smart hub. This connects to motherboards to allow users control of up to six case fans on top of three PWM devices. 

    For more advanced users, the Meshify S2 makes for an excellent choice as well. If you plan on building a water-cooled white-themed PC, you’d be glad to know that the case is water-cooling ready. It comes with adjustable reservoir brackets, as well as a built-in pump and reservoir support. 

    Lastly, the full-length PSU shroud is ventilated for better functionality. You can also remove the front cover, as well as the concealed drive mounts with vibration dampeners, depending on your preferred configuration. 


    • Easy to work with and clean
    • Unique looks
    • Plenty of interior space for hardware
    • Sturdy


    • Overkill for most builds
    • Heavy

    4. Corsair CRYSTAL 570X 

    Corsair CRYSTAL 570X RGB Mid-Tower Case, 3 RGB...
    • Four tempered glass panels on the front, top, and sides of the case / Three...
    • Room for up to six case fans, and compatible with 360mm, 280mm, 240mm, and 120mm...
    • Cable routing channels with included velcro cable straps for clean cable...

    Forget about tempered side panels. The Corsair Crystal 570x ups the ante with tempered panels on all sides. Yes, this includes the front, top, as well as both sides of the case. However, while you may think that this a recipe for disaster, Corsair uses a couple of clever design choices to keep your build cool while letting you showcase the insides with ease. 

    Features and Specifications

    When the tempered glass panel craze hit the market, many manufacturers started adding their own spin to it. However, Corsair is one of the few to ever take it this far. 

    As already mentioned, the Crystal 570x comes with four tempered glass panels on all sides. Helping keep this cool is a case that supports up to six case fans, with three SP120 RGB LED fans included, as well as an integrated RGB controller. It’s also designed to let all of the cool air in from the front intake fans with the drive cages moved a bit up compared to other cases. 

    Airflow aside, Corsair also made sure that the Crystal 570X is easy to build, clean, and keep clean. Most of the parts are designed for tool-free installation and it has three-point dust filter access, as well as removable fan trays located both at the front of the chassis and at the top with generous cable routing channels and velcro cable straps. 

    The PSU cover is a nice touch, but it can be removed if you need to showcase your power supply and the cables. It also comes with a subtle but tasty added branding touch in the form of a LED-backlit front panel with the CORSAIR logo in bright white.

    While this is arguably the most divisive of the white computer cases we recommended, we can definitely see it housing white-themed components that create a full 360-degree view. 


    • Well-ventilated
    • Multiple dust filters with convenient cleaning access
    • Relatively quiet


    • Pricey

    5. Fractal Design Define 7

    For those who prefer subtly over striking looks, the Fractal Design Define 7 is a good choice. It’s a minimalist case that’s designed to minimize any noise made by your build with sound-dampened panels that are also designed to be easy to pop-off in case you need access to your components. 

    Features and Specifications

    Understated and refined is the look that Fractal was going for with the Define 7. 

    The case is a stark contrast to the many other cases available on the market that seem to prioritize wowing audiences. However, if you look closely, you could argue that the Define 7 is much more wow-worthy, if that is even a word, compared to other white computer cases on the market. 

    First of all, when it comes to space, the Define 7 beats most in its class and higher price ranges. It can support up to nine fans, with enough space to fit radiators as large as 420mm along with appropriately-sized reservoirs. It’s also perfect for workstations as it has enough space for 4 SATA SSDs, as well as 14 HDDs, all without sacrificing cooling and/or noise. 

    Speaking of noise, as already mentioned earlier, the Define 7 keeps any operational noise from your system minimal. It does this by using sound-dampening materials for its front, top, and side panels, all of which are optimized for silence. In addition to this, the anodized aluminum front panel has reversible dual-handed hinges with magnetic latching for easy access.

    All in all, the Define 7 is easily the best white PC case for those who prefer not to go all out with their RGB and want to stick to a single-color or a two-tone themed build. 


    • Silent
    • Modular and versatile
    • Accessible insides
    • Fits all kinds of builds and sizes


    • Minimal LED lighting

    6. Cooler Master MasterCase H500P

    Cooler Master MCM-H500P-WGNN-S00 MasterCase Mesh...
    • Front mesh with 2 pre-installed 200 millimeter RGB fans in the front and 2...
    • A PSU shroud, CPU cut out cover and additional cable covers for clean cable...
    • Two additional PCI slots at the rear for vertical graphics card mounting

    It stands to reason that the bigger the diameter of the fans, the more effective they will be at cooling your system. As such, the Cooler Master MasterCase H500P earns a nod simply because of that, as it comes with 2 pre-installed 200mm RGB fans in the front, with support for 2 more at the top for better airflow. 

    Features and Specifications

    As already mentioned, the H500P can support up to 4 200mm fans. This can help make sure that all of your hardware components are kept cool and running well despite being under heavy loads. A side benefit of this is that larger fans usually run a lot quieter compared to smaller fans, allowing you to push your hardware even more without the expected noise. 

    The H500P doesn’t just support air-cooled systems either. It has enough space for a liquid CPU cooler, as well as support for custom loop water-cooling kits, as it can support 360mm radiators both at the top and front of the case with enough room to support graphics cards as long as 412mm. 

    The two additional PCI slots found at the back of the case allows for easy vertical GPU mounting, while the light grey tinted tempered glass panel gives you a clear view of your components, both for aesthetics and functionality. 

    Speaking of aesthetics, the H500P comes with a PSU shroud, as well as a CPU cut-out cover and additional cable covers. This lets you clean up the cables well and hide them in plain sight. 

    Admittedly, the amount of space available inside the H500P is overkill. It also makes the H500P one of the largest PC cases on our list. However, if you don’t mind giving up that much real estate and want to try out using larger fans to keep your high-performance system cool as opposed to the usual 120mm and 140mm fans, the H500P comes highly recommended. 

    How to Choose the Best PC Case

    Choosing the best white PC case isn’t easy, even with a list of cases to choose from. 

    We recommend taking into consideration these tips first so that you don’t end up regretting your case of choice. 

    1. Choose your hardware/components first

    We’re not saying that it’s not okay to buy a case and figure out what to put inside it later, but we feel like it’s easier to choose a case if you already know what kind of motherboard and graphics card you’re going to put inside it. Not to mention, you’re going to want to know if a case can support the number of drives you’re going to use, right off the bat and eventually, anyway. 

    By figuring out what kind of components you want to have first, you’ll be able to choose an appropriately-sized PC case that meets your needs. A nice white case goes well with White RAM and a white cooler.

    2. Don’t forget about thermal performance and noise levels

    Proper airflow is important. Just as important is how much  noise is coming out of your system when all of the case fans have been installed and your hardware is being taxed to the maximum. You’ll want an ideal mix of minimal noise with tons of airflow so that your components are kept cool. Tight spaces are a big no-no for this particular reason. 

    The best white PC cases are those that promote proper airflow with convenient and easy-to-remove dust filters on most if not all intakes for a more convenient cleaning process. 

    3. You should love how your case looks

    It doesn’t matter if we say that a case is the best white PC case if you don’t like what you’re looking at. 

    Remember, if you’re going to be spending a lot of time on your desk and your PC will be on top of it, you might as well get one that you like looking at for hours on end. Sure, airflow, component fit, noise levels, and all of those factors play a role, but you’ll want something that visually appeals to you as well. 


    The best white PC cases can either act as a gateway for you to start building your dream gaming PC or be the finishing touch that your build needs to make your machine stand out from others. 

    Beyond personal satisfaction, the best white PC cases are also designed with proper thermals and ventilation, as well as noise insulation in mind. This all helps keep the innards cool and quiet, while also offering expansion options and upgrades should your needs change down the line. 

    With that said, finding the best white computer case for your build should be a lot easier now with our tips and recommendations. 

    Daniel Westrop
    Daniel Westrop, Executive Editor for WhatifGaming. Dan has always been an avid gamer and tech lover, he enjoys exploring all areas of technology with a focus on gaming and hardware.

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