Best White RAM For Your PC in 2021

Daniel Westrop
Daniel Westrop
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Getting the best RAM kit for your PC comes down to the software you want to use and the platform you choose. Most desktops sold in recent years use DDR4 RAM and can work with DDR4-2133 speeds going up. You will therefore note that our focus is on the latest offerings in the market, and specifically white DDR4 RAM.

You might wonder why many people are opting for this RAM. Well, it is quite simple. More and more gamers are inclining towards simple, clean, and minimalist setups. And white is the best hue to offer such a look as it exudes modernity. Additionally, it blends in with white walls and barely shows collected dust. We have listed the best white RAM options for gamers in this piece.

Best White DDR4 Gaming RAM

All the listed white DDR4 RAMs have undergone extensive testing to ensure that they have what it takes to provide you with an ideal gaming experience. Without much ado, here goes:

1: Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO

Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 3200...
  • High performance DDR4 memory illuminates your system with vivid, animated...
  • Take control with CORSAIR iCUE software and synchronize lighting across all your...
  • Customize lighting profiles with millions of different patterns and colors, or...
Size32GB (2*16GB)


While price should not be the only factor when searching for white DDR4 RAM, it helps that this RAM comes at a fair price. It is available in two colors- black and white, it comes in kits with multiple configurations. From 2*8GB to 8*16GB, you have quite an array of options. Frequencies in these kits start at 2666MHz and go as high as 4700MhZ.

Without getting into the unboxing and packaging (which are very good, by the way), let’s get into the overall impression of this RAM. It looks great from all sides. On one side, you will find a label as to the product category of the stick. On the other, you will find a product label as to the module. The heat spreaders feature an anodized aluminum finish with vented slots on both sides facing each other. The vents sit on the diffuser such that lighting can show through them for increased aesthetic appeal. Lighting on this RAM shows behind the slots, with each light bar having 10 LEDs for distributed lighting. You can control this lighting using the iCUE software, and vary the lights from fading to transition.

When picking modules, you always have to think about the speed. That is not an issue with this case as you can enjoy up to 3200MHz, or even more based on the configuration you pick. However, ensure that the CPU you use can handle such speeds. In this case, this RAM works with Ryzen 5 series or Intel 8th Gen Core CPUs going up.

Another important factor when picking white RAM is the latency. The lower the number, the lower the latency and the faster the module can retrieve information. It also has an impact on memory timing. Latency, in this case, is shown in the figures 16-18-18-36, such that the 16 stands for latency.

The performance of this white DDR4 RAM is excellent overall regarding latency and memory reading. If you want to hit higher frequencies, you can overclock the module. However, with 3200MHz, this will likely not be necessary.

What Works

It offers amazing diffused light that works with the whole setup, making your gaming experience even more amazing. Additionally, it offers great performance and allows you to overclock when needed.

What Needs Work

The RGB Pro has a 51 mm profile and is thus not best for small form factor builds. Thus, anyone who wants to use this should start by assessing if it can work with their slot.

2: Thermaltake TOUGHRAM

Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RGB White DDR4 4000MHz 16GB...
  • [PAINT YOUR BUILD WITH16 8M COLORS] - 10 super-bright addressable LEDs deliver...
  • [3-WAY RGB SYNCHRONIZATION] – 3 Easy ways of controlling lighting effects via...
  • [TOUGHRAM RGB SOFTWARE] – enables real-time temperature frequency and...
Capacity16GB (8GB*2)
Timing  19-23-23-42
Speed4000 MHz


Thermaltake is not new in the industry and has excelled in offering custom water-cooling to its clients. The company also offers gadgets such as mice, desks, and power supplies. However, our focus today lies on their white DDR4 RAM.

The company offers the TOUGHGRM RGB in 16GB kits only. On the plus side, there is wiggle room in speed options, starting at 3000MHz through to 4400MHz, with our case being the 4000MHz. These modules are available in black or white.

The modules have RGB light bars at their tops with chrome sectioning two of the notches. This lighting works with Gigabyte RGB Fusion 2.0, MSI Mystic Light Sync, ASUS Aura Sync, and ASRock Polychrome RGB, among others. There’s support for added options such as Amazon Alexa. It also helps to note that this RGB series can work with Intel’s XMP 2.0 for overclocking where need be.

The lighting features vibrant colors but there are some noticeable spots in the effects, more so during fading and sweeping effects. It somewhat takes away from the beauty of the setup.

On the upside, this white RAM does clock in at 4000 MHz, offering great performance, with some loose timings here and there. Overall, the timings fall under 23-23-42, which is pretty decent as it falls within the industry standards.

What Works

The module comes in an attractive package and offers decent performance at a fair price. Additionally, there’s support for different lighting options and the software is pretty easy to handle. Other than in white, you can also get the RAM in black.

What Needs Work

The lighting could be better as it is poorly dispersed at the moment, robbing you of that even distribution. Furthermore, the kits are only available in 8GB modules, which is quite limiting.

3: TEAMGROUP T-Force Night Hawk RGB

TEAMGROUP T-Force Night Hawk RGB 3600MHz 16GB Kit...
  • DDR4 RGB full-color lighting effects
  • Using JEDEC Association latest RC 2.0 circuit configuration
  • Supports software synchronization
SpeedDDR4 3600 MHz
Capacity16 GB (2*8GB)
Dimensions53(H) x 147(L) x 9(W)mm
TimingsCL 18-20-20-44-2T


T-Force is a growing series that includes gaming memory modules as well as other peripherals such as mice. For the memory modules, you have options such as the NIGHT HAWK, XTREEM, and VULCAN. The NIGHT HAWK features breathing LED lights which makes it a perfect addition to an engaging setup. Not only does it add style to your gaming experience but it also enables you to enjoy its fantastic overclocking abilities.

The kit comes with two 8GB memory modules. The lighting is compatible with most RGB control software such as ASRock Polychrome Sync, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion and ASUS Aura Sync.

The modules feature white aluminum heat spreaders that not only add to the stability of the modules but also allow for heat dissipation. They feel thick and heavy and are of a good build, compared to other offerings in the market that tend to be flimsy. While the modules have a height of 53 mm, they sit well even under large CPU coolers with large clearances. The light bars sit on the heat spreaders and diffuse RGB light across the length of the modules, adding to the aesthetic appeal.

To test the lighting, you need the T-Force Blitz RGB control software, which you can get from the company’s website for free. Navigating this software is easy, thanks to the interactive interface. With 11 lighting effects to choose from, as well as their speeds, you have quite an array of options. It helps to note, though, that you have little control over the brightness of the lights.

As for the performance, it is pretty decent and within expectations. If you want to avoid loose timings, work with the board-optimized XMP I profile as opposed to the XMP II. Working with the latter also hurts your performance. You can also rely on this white DDR4 RAM for overclocking, thanks to the heat spreaders that keep the temperature at a minimum. You can even hit 4500MHz with some small changes here and there. But once again, thanks to the amazing speeds with this module, overclocking may not be necessary.

What Works

This white RAM performs within the expected range and also enables you to overclock where you want to enjoy added performance. It comes in a sturdy design, with stable heat spreaders that keep the temperature at a minimum. Compatibility should not be an issue as it works with most options, including Intel Coffee Lake and AMD Ryzen, and most motherboards. Additionally, the lighting is well-distributed.

What Needs Work

There is not much that needs changing with this module. However, the SPD timing has loose timings which hurt performance.


OLOy DDR4 RAM 16GB (2x8GB) 3200 MHz CL16 1.35V...
  • DDR4 2x8GB UDIMM, total 16 GB
  • Frequency : 3200 MHz CL16-20-20-38
  • 1.35V UDIMM (Intel XMP 2.0 Automated Overclocking Technology)
Capacity16GB (2*8GB)


When shopping for white RAM, price does come into consideration, though it may not be the leading factor. And in this regard, you may have noticed that OLOy prices tend to be on the lower side. This pricing has raised several concerns as to the longevity of these modules and whether they are worth the initial investment. It also does not help that this is a new brand, having launched in 2018. As such, there are few reviews as to its performance.

We considered all this in our testing, while putting performance at the forefront. The performance is as good as that of other moderately-priced modules, boasting of a high speed and fantastic overclocking. In our tests, the module did just as well or even better than some of its competitors such as the Patriot Viper Steel. It turns out that the reason behind the pricing is not poor quality, but the use of low-cost ICs. However, these are industry-standard and are present in other competitors as well.

As for the DDR4 memory in question, you can expect high frequency with a latency of 16, offering you better bandwidth compared to a DDR3 memory. Additionally, it has a low operating voltage, enabling it to reduce on power spent and generate less heat. The heat spreaders further enhance this cooling effect.

What Works

This white DDR4 RAM is compatible with leading motherboards and most systems and boasts of a sturdy build. Moreover, it offers the reliable and fast performance required for gaming.

What Needs Work

The heatsink is not as sturdy as that in other modules, but other than that, this RAM is a great option.

5: Crucial Ballistix RGB

Crucial Ballistix RGB 3000 MHz DDR4 DRAM Desktop...
  • Ideal for gamers and performance enthusiasts
  • Customize your rig’s color scheme with 16 RGB LEDs in 8 zones on each module
  • Compatible with ASUS Aura, MSI Mystic Light, Gigabyte AORUS Graphics Engine, and...
Capacity16GB (2*8GB)


Ballistix now offers RGBs with amazing LEDs featuring different lighting zones; which is quite a great stride for this micron company. The sticks come in 16GB as well as 8GB capacities with frequencies ranging from 2666 MHz to 3000MHz. Timings stand at 16-18-18-38 with an operating voltage of 1.35 V. You can get all these modules individually, in pairs or in four pieces, allowing you to find what works best in your case.

In this instance, we tested the 16GB capacity which comes in two 8GB modules, which are fully customizable, thanks to the mod utility. You can thus exercise control over all the LEDs as well as print your own light bar which you can add to the existing piece. How great is that!

As for the performance, it is well-known that 3000MHz is a great balance between price and performance. You don’t spend too much on the initial costs and do not compromise on quality, thus creating a win-win situation.

How about overclocking? The best way to overclock memory is to buy a few modules of high capacity such that you do not strain the DRAM controllers. You also reduce signal noise. However, we decided to see how the RAM would perform owing to the presence of heat spreaders. Generally, the standard speed is 3000MHz with timings of 16-18-18-18-38-69-1T, which is quite decent. Testing revealed that there was room for improvement in both latency and memory performance. There is thus wiggle room with this module, with about 200MHz without increasing voltage or slack. You can achieve more if you would like.

As for aesthetics, this white RAM looks great with its excellent RGB lighting and the military-like heat spreaders add to the overall aesthetic appeal. Using this lighting should be easy and you also have the option to be more extravagant with the effects.

What Works

The lighting and the sticks look great and should work with most builds. You can also print your parts for added customization as well as take advantage of the overclocking abilities. Moreover, the MOD utility performs as expected.

What Needs Work

The timings are not as tight as those of the competition and they fall behind at a slight percentage.

6: Corsair Vengeance LPX

Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 DRAM...
  • Each Vengeance LPX module is built with a pure aluminium heat spreader for...
  • Available in multiple colours to match your motherboard, your components or just...
  • Vengeance LPX is optimised and compatibility tested for the latest Intel 200...
Capacity16 GB (2*8GB)


DDR4 prices have dropped so much that the difference between these and those of DDR3s are quite small. It thus holds that more people would want a DDR4 module such as this. But why would anyone opt for the 3200 instead of going for the cheaper options such as the 2666? Well, cooling fans are one thing. If you compare this 3200 MHz with other offerings such as the 2666, you will find that it comes with two cooling fans in the kit. Also, it has a rating of 1.35V, thus the need for the fans. It even works better for models that lack fans over the CPU.

This module comes with a low-profile height of only 34 mm such that it can work with small form factor builds. Regarding performance, it works with the latest motherboards and provides strong signal quality. You can rely on it to overclock without overheating thanks to the aluminum heat spreaders.

What Works

This white DDR4 RAM features top performance with cooling fans that reduce motherboard and DRAM temperatures. Additionally, the overclocking capability is decent.

What Needs Work

With 1.35V, overclocking may not reach the highest speeds that some users may want. Also, it helps to note that the total price includes the fans, which may not be necessary for some builds.

7: V-Color Prism II RGB

v-Color Prism II RGB 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 3600MHz...
  • PRISM ll RGB series - 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3600MHz (PC4-28800) Timing 18-22-22-42,...
  • Spectacular texture with fully customizable 7 NEON PASTEL colors of lighting...
  • Each Overclocking IC is selected under rigorous testing techniques with auto...
Capacity16GB (2*8GB)


Our last white RAM is the brainchild of DRAM module testing experts who base their operations in Taiwan. You can thus expect that they would deliver amazing specs at an affordable price. They mainly focus on DRAM and flash products, with an emphasis on memory kits and SSDs. Their PRISM II RGB series boasting of 3000MHz is our focus for today. It is much cheaper than other options in the market and comes with customizability to the ranges of 3600 MHz.

Overclocking is a breeze with this module. All you need to do is raise the memory strap to a higher clock speed, enabling you to get up to 4200MHz with 1.35V. For added performance, you can work with 1.40V to hit up to 4266MHz. Some users have recorded additions of up to 5,020MHz, and you can try to hit this amount.

What Works

This white DDR4 RAM comes at a great pricing and features a low profile form factor that works with most builds. It offers an array of colors-7, and runs at high speeds without running into issues. It also helps to note that its capacity is adequate to meet most gaming needs.

What Needs Work

There is an issue with the matching of green/ orange diffuser colors. That’s pretty much it.


Will RAM affect your FPS?

Increasing your RAM’s capacity and speed will increase your gaming performance regarding your FPS, more so in games that rely heavily on CPU performance.

Can you write on RAM

No, RAM works in launching programs as well as storing data for the short term. You cannot permanently write on it or use it to store data in the long term.

What RAM should you use for PC gaming?

The best option is DDR4 RAM. For Intel, go with at least 3000MHz, and for AMD, work with at least 3600MHz. Our piece features some of the best white DDR4 RAM options.

With all these best white RAM modules, the RAMs tested great and delivered results that are at par with some of the best options in the market. As long as you check the compatibility of the modules, you are sure to get what works in your case. Happy Gaming!

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