BioShock 4 Development is Reportedly Going Through Hell

New BioShock Game is Going Through Development Hell, It is Claimed

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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  • BioShock 4 development going through hell
  • The title faced 4th reboot last year
  • No further news on the title's future

The news of a new mainline game in the BioShock franchise came back in 2019. Since then, most of the developments regarding the presumable BioShock 4 have been largely concerning. And according to the latest report, the development of the game is indeed going through a very rough patch.

BioShock 4 Does Not Seem to be Coming Any Time Soon

A Twitter user Oops Leaks has revealed certain details about the BioShock 4’s development. And according to their report, the development is going through hell. They have claimed that in the summer of 2022, the game was rebooted for the fourth time. There have also been constant changes in the development team which doesn’t sit well with the game’s making.

The Twitter thread further suggests that the title has been rewritten again and again because the writing wasn’t on par with the franchise’s reputation. Also, the team working on the title has a lot of people but none of them are experienced enough for a project of this stature. Despite everything, the title has faced some really poor management which has led to this development hell.

Furthermore, they revealed that the development was handled by Certain Affinity till 2017. And there’s been constant changes since then. A year ago, when things finally started to look normal the latest reboot struck the development once again. BioShock franchise is one of the most prominent ones in recent years, and we really hope the studios can sort out the development issues and finally release the title.

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