Brand New EA App to Replace Origin on Windows Soon

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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Its been more than ten years since EA introduced the Origin app. Post this many years the Origin client has started to feel a bit outdated and is really quite heavy on the systems. EA has been testing its new EA app for quite some time now. The EA app is finally out of beta testing and is now available for the masses.

EA App will soon replace Origin

While Origin is still accessible EA has announced its plan to replace it with a newer application. According to EA, the main purpose of this app is to make the client more responsive and easy to access to provide a faster and more reliable experience to gamers. The app will also feature automatic game downloads and background updates so that your games are always ready for you to play.

The EA app is our fastest and lightest PC client to date. With the new streamlined design you will easily find the games and content you’re looking for and discover your new favorite games. With automatic game downloads and background updates you can ensure that your games are ready to play when you are.

EA app
EA App Home Page

In our first look at the app, it does look much more sleek and modern compared to Origin. It also falls in line with other clients like Epic games and Steam in terms of memory usage. You will also be able to build your ultimate friends list by connecting your EA account to other platforms and services like Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation. This is a really neat feature if you have accounts across multiple platforms.

The shift from Origin to the newer app has also been thought out well by EA. EA would soon be sending invites to people to switch from one client to the other. This will roll out soon and by the time you get the invite all the data and games from your Origin account will be ready for you in the EA app.

In addition, EA play gives you access to a number of EA-published titles. If you already have the Game Pass Ultimate then the service is completely free with that. All in all the new app seems like a good shift if EA can maintain the quality.

The app is now available on Windows and macOS. However, Origin for Mac will still be the primary platform to play games.

What are your thoughts on the new app? Let us know in the comments down below.

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