6 Epic Video Game Trailers For Underwhelming Video Games

There is no shortage of epic video game trailers out there but some are simply a lot better than the games they promote. Unfortunately,...

Elden Ring is NOT Coming to the Xbox Event in March, But it Can Drop ‘Anytime’ Now

Rumours and whispers pointed out that Elden Ring would make an appearance at the Xbox Event, but that was quickly shut down.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Is Rumored To Not Have Turn-Based Combat

Recently announced Pokemon Legends: Arceus rumored to be going for energy-based battles instead of the classic turn-based system.

Top 10 Female Video Game Characters Of All Time

How women are presented in video games is a very sensitive issue. This is mainly because female characters tend to be over-sexualized to make...

Monster Hunter Rise PC Port Coming Early 2022, Capcom Confirms

Capcom Japan producer and director reveal in a press interview that a Monster Hunter Rise PC port is coming early 2022 with no set date yet.

March 2021 PS+ Lineup Posted Early by PlayStation Netherlands

It seems that the March 2021 PS+ Lineup Posted Early by PlayStation Netherlands and an official announcement could be very soon.

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