How to Beat Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil 8 Village

    Lady Dimitrescu is probably the most popular character (for all the wrong reasons, I should say) in Resident Evil Village. She is also the first boss you will encounter and it also shines the light on the story of...

    Epic Games Publishing Has Over 14 Titles in Development Right Now

    An Epic Games' spokesperson stated that there are over 14 titles in development at Epic Games Publishing, rumours point to Alan Wake 2 & more.

    Summer Skins are Coming to Genshin Impact Starting with Jean & Barbara

    A brand new skin system is coming to Genshin Impact Version 1.6, starting with some Summer Themed Skins for Barbara & Jean

    How to Solve the Hall of War Puzzle in Resident Evil 8 Village

    While traversing down Castle Dimitrescu, you will find yourself stuck at some point with nowhere to go. This point is usually in the Hall of War area because you will have to open a secret passage to go through....

    How to Solve the 4 Statue Puzzle in Resident Evil 8 Village – Hall of Ablution

    It is a good start by Capcom to try and bring back puzzle-solving in Resident Evil 8 Village. They are a ton of them although some are quite linear. The puzzle we will be solving now will be the...

    How to Get More Ammo in Resident Evil 8 Village

    Like all Resident Evil games, ammo scarcity is another layer of fear you need to worry about. This time, you are fighting Lycans and crazy vampires in Resident Evil Village which are tougher than your regular zombies. Resident Evil...

    33 Seconds Long Audio Leaked from Battlefield 6 Trailer

    A 33 seconds long audio clip was leaked from the upcoming Battlefield 6 trailer. Soon afterwards, the audio was confirmed to be authentic by Tom Henderson, the guy who leaked the Battlefield 6 trailer in a bizarre drawing. The...

    Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance Spotted on PSN Store Could Be Coming Soon

    It seems like Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance has been spotted on the PSN Store, perhaps an announcement is on the horizon?

    Rambo Could Be Coming To Call Of Duty Warzone As An Operator

    It seems that Activision could be teasing Rambo as a playable operator in Call of Duty Warzone, now all we need is an announcement.

    Psychonauts 2 Pre-Load Could Indicate An Imminent Release

    Earlier today, fans were able to take part in the Psychonauts 2 pre-load using the Xbox app, this could mean that the title is releasing soon.