Counter-Strike 2 Gets Officially Revealed

The Game Is Set For A Summer 2023 Release.

Samam Hasan
Samam Hasan
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  • Free upgrade to CS: GO
  • Complete visual overhaul
  • Will use Source 2 Engine.

Valve has officially revealed Counter-Strike 2 which is scheduled for a summer release this year. Moreover, several videos were released by the official Counter-Strike Twitter account that showed all the improvements CS2 will have. The reveal doesn’t come as a surprise as references to CS 2 were spotted in the latest NVIDIA Drivers.

The game will come as a free upgrade to the highly popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, popularly known as CS: GO.

Counter-Strike 2

According to Valve, Counter-Strike 2 is the largest technical leap in the series’ history. The game will feature several gameplay improvements. This includes smoke grenades, which will now interact with the environment and react to certain events like lighting, gunfire, and explosions. In addition to this, bullets and HE grenades can push smoke to give a brief clear line of sight. Moreover, Smoke will also seep out of broken windows and opened doors when used, and expand in open areas.

Tick rates are also no longer relevant in the game as the sub-tick rate architecture will make servers instantly know when a motion starts. In addition to that, maps have also gone through massive changes in the game. Maps like Overpass have been fully overhauled from the ground up. Some maps have been enhanced by including a physically based rendering system that produces realistic lighting, materials, and reflections. And, other classic maps have also been slightly improved in terms of lighting but otherwise have remained untouched.

Furthermore, players can bring in their inventory from CS: GO and benefit from the Source 2 Engine lighting materials and high-resolution models. In addition to this, many other improvements like audio and UI enhancements have been done to make the experience better. Limited Test for the game starts today for select CS: GO players.

More details of the game can be found here.

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  • Counter Strike is one of the best game I’ve ever played. I hope this will be launched soon. I’m too excited for this.

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