Counter-Strike 2 May Also Be Releasing On Mobile

The Game Is Currently Only Announced For PC.

Samam Hasan
Samam Hasan
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  • Lines of codes referencing mobile spotted
  • No official announcement from Valve
  • CS2 is currently set for a Summer 2023 release

Counter-Strike 2 might also be coming to mobile. This is according to Aquarius, who is very well-known in the community. They spotted certain lines of code in the Source 2 coding and in the in-game console. There ‘MOBILE’ is listed as other platforms. There was also the option to increase FPS during mobile charging and to limit it.

Counter-Strike 2 was recently announced and is described by Valve as the biggest technical leap in the series’ history. The game will be available on PC when it releases in the Summer. Aquarius has also mentioned that Source 2 supports iOS and Android, so there is a high possibility that a mobile version of Counter-Strike 2 might be in early development. But, these lines of code also might mean nothing. One user says that the console command referencing mobile FPS is leftover from Dota Underlords and can also be found in Dota 2.

Counter-Strike 2 For Mobile

There was no official confirmation by Valve on the game’s release on mobile devices. With CS2 nearing release soon, it is unlikely Valve is working on two versions of the game. They need to make sure the PC version of the game is technically perfect and refined for players to jump into the action. So, at this point a CS2 release on mobile is unrealistic.

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