Dead Space Remake: Release date and all we know

Eleven years ago, Visceral games and their publisher Electronic Arts developed and released one of the most revered horror franchises, Dead Space. Set in the 26th century, Dead Space revolves around Isaac Clark, a space engineer battling against hordes of mutated creatures roaming the USG Ishimura spaceship. Eleven years later, we will be getting a remake of the original game, which kicked off the trilogy of a nightmare-fueled franchise. Here’s everything we know about Dead Space Remake’s release date, gameplay, trailer, and platforms we can expect the game to be on.

Dead Space Remake: Release Date

In 2021, there were already rumors regarding a remake of the Dead Space franchise. From a LinkedIn profile of a Ubisoft Veteran, Eric Baptizat, to reports from Grubb EA planning to launch the game early in the 2023 fiscal year, leaks have been swirling around and have been building hype for the remake. Originally, EA Games announced the Dead Space Remake in the summer of 2021; however, at that point, we didn’t get any concrete information regarding the release date of the remake.

On May 13, 2022, a live stream presentation of the much-awaited remake of the Dead Space Remake came online. The developers tackled topics such as honoring the Dead Space legacy, environment art process, asset creation, and much more. At the end of the stream, the developers revealed that the remake’s release date would be January 27, 2023.

Here’s the live stream presentation of the Dead Space Remake:

Dead Space Remake: Gameplay

Isaac from Dead Space Remake standing in front of the entrance of the Power Sub Station 03
Dead Space Remake Gameplay Demo (2023)

Looking back at the original gameplay, it is a classic over-the-shoulder shooter, similar to Resident Evil 4 and the likes. However, what differs with Dead Space is the number of tools, upgrades, and weapon customizations the game offers you throughout your playthrough. Your primary goal is to navigate through the level-based sections of the spaceship Ishimura, solving environmental puzzles and surviving against the swarm of mutated creatures called the Necromorphs.

One of the unique aspects of the Dead Space series is that when you’re in the vacuum, Isaac only has a limited oxygen supply which you can replenish through air tanks scattered within the airship. There are areas wherein gravity is not present, and you’ll be able to jump between platforms of the level. Since the game is mainly survival-based, you would need to find resources by breaking supply crates and killing enemies.

There are a few abilities that you can unlock, like Kinesis and Stasis, which allows you to move/pull objects in the environment or slow down enemy movements for a short period. These are only a few of the original mechanics we could expect in the remake since EA stated they want to be as faithful as possible to the original game.

Here’s an 18-minute sneak preview of the Dead Space Remake gameplay

Dead Space Remake: Platforms and Future Announcements

The Dead Space Remake will be on the Playstation 5, XBOX Series X, and Windows PC on January 27, 2023. Unfortunately, it seems that EA does not plan to release any future games on the older generation of consoles, the PS4 and the XBOX One.

As for future announcements, there are no signs of the Dead Space Remake or even any EA-related games during the Summer Game Fest. Upon verifying this information, we have confirmed that EA will not be participating in this year’s Summer Game Fest; hence, we hope to see them make an appearance at the currently unconfirmed Sony Showcase.

Another game to look forward to, which seemingly has the same vibes as the Dead Space franchise, is “The Callisto Protocol.”

Dead Space Remake: Trailer Breakdown

The trailer starts with a mesmerizing and atmospheric sound, followed by the gates opening to an abandoned and bloodied part of the USG Ishimura. While the scene is playing, we hear a faint and a grim version of the children’s song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, which is a homage to one of the trailers for the original Dead Space. After that sequence, we see a flickering light at the end of the hallway and a silhouette of a Necromorph with its iconic scream. The trailer ends with a look at the protagonist, Isaac, seemingly tired and bruised while getting healed from the station. He stands back in a normal posture after his health is refilled and a message “Cut Off Their Limbs” in front of him. The words Dead Space appeared, and now we are awaiting the game’s release date.

The Senior Producer Philippe Ducharme left a statement saying that this remake is a love letter to the franchise along with a new, seemingly improved story and characters. Although this statement is vague, we can only hope that this remake will serve as a new way for the Dead Space franchise to continue forward and expand on the lore of its universe.

We certainly missed the appeal and the true horrors of the Dead Space franchise, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us with this remake. What do you think of the Dead Space Remake? Is it something you’ll be looking forward to, or are we in the era where the developers are recycling their old hits for nostalgia? Please leave us your thoughts down in the comments section below.

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