Details for All DMZ Missions of Warzone 2.0 have been Leaked

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Abdullah Waseem
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Call of Duty Warzone 2.0

Anticipations for the free version of Call of Duty, Warzone 2.0 have been going on for quite some time now. Luckily the version comes coupled with the upcoming Modern Warfare 2, which is in the beta state currently. However, it’s still going to be free-to-play for all.

There will be a major overhaul to the gameplay along with a new map for you to jump in. Almost a month and a half before launch, a data miner leaked an entire list of DMZ missions for Warzone 2.0. Earlier it was announced that DMZ mode will be available for Warzone 2.0 and on all platforms.

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Call of Duty Warzone 2

All DMZ missions for Warzone 2.0

Here is the complete list for you if you want to prepare for the missions pre-hand:

  • Extract a Hail Storm

Mission brief:

“Uncle Sam is looking to do some research on the weapons being distributed throughout Saba. Acquire and extract a Hail Storm shotgun and we can use it to gain some goodwill with the feds. There’s a rumor the Hail Storm can be purchased at specific buy stations.”

  • Kill a boss and extract their weapon case

Mission brief:

“We’ve received intel that the chemist has acquired a weapon case containing valuable rare weapons. Find a hard drive and upload it in order to track him down. Acquire his weapon case by any means necessary.”

  • Extract with a full backpack

Mission brief:

“A mission into the DMZ cannot be considered successful without extracting sufficient resources. Fill your backpack before you exfil to maximize your efficiency.”

  • Capture X amount of SAM sites

Mission brief:

“We need to acquire intel about how Al Qatala is arming its grunts. Bring back some of their weapons so we can analyze them.”

  • Extract X amount of cash in one match

Mission brief:

“We are low on the coin because of several consecutive botched operations by your fellow soldiers. We need a lump sum urgently for an upcoming mission.£

  • Empty X amount of vehicles of gas (empty the gas of civilian vehicles)

Mission brief:

“Al-Qatala is planning to transport weapons using civilian vehicles, drive nearby vehicles until their tanks are empty to sabotage Al-Qatala’s plans.”

  • Extract X amount of enemy grunt weapons

Mission brief:

“Al Qatala has set up several surface-to-air missile sites in the DMZ. There are frequently transport planes flying overhead, SAM sites can shoot them down allowing you to recover their supplies.”

  • Kill X amount of grunts in the oilfield using a sniper rifle

Mission brief:

“The Oilfields are a critical POI for our operation. Wipe out the grunts there, but don’t get too close. Acquire a sniper rifle at a buy station or elsewhere and use it to eliminate the hostiles.”

  • Kill X amount of operators with an assault rifle.

Mission brief:

“Prove that you have the skills to be a helpful asset to us. Acquire an assault rifle and use it to terminate other operators.”

  • Kill X amount of operators

Mission brief:

“We need to increase our influence in Saba. Eliminate any operators you find to strengthen our foothold.”

  • Kill X amount of operators in Quarry

Mission brief:

“Command wants to get a foothold in Quarry, but informants have told us about rampant activity from other Factions. Clear out some of their operators so we can move in.”

  • Kill X amount of operators with an SMG

Mission brief:

“Weapons found in the DMZ are unreliable. Verify the killing potential of a recovered SMG by testing it on hostile operators.”

  • Extract with X amount of different lethal or tacticals

Mission brief:

Extract with X amount of different lethals or tacitcals"

  • Kill X amount of grunts in hydro using a shotgun

Mission brief:

Travel to Hydro and get up close to the Al-Qatala infantry so we can observe their tactics. Dispatch them with a shotgun. You can acquire one in a buy station or in an enemy supply cache.

  • Kill X amount of riot shield grunts

Mission brief:

“Enemy strongholds are often guarded by well-equipped grunts with riot shields. If you can outflank them you’ll have easy access to the loot they’re protecting.”

  • Kill X amount of special forces

Mission brief:

“Heavily armored grunts will infil if you cause enough trouble in the DMZ. We need intel on their combat capabilities, get their attention and terminate them.”

  • Extract X amount of liquor bottles

Mission brief:

“Before Saba was evacuated, a famous collector of fine liquors lived there. Looters have stolen and relocated most of his collection all around Saba. Find a few bottles and bring them back, they’re highly valuable.”

  • Kill X amount of grunts at long range

Mission brief:

“Good marksmen can take out enemies before they’re ever detected. Prove your marksmanship by eliminating some Al Qatala grunts from long range.”

  • Extract X amount of operator dog tags

Mission brief:

“We need proof of enemy faction presence in the DMZ to get approval for higher troop deployments. Tech will run a background check on the operator and pay you a lump sum for each dog tag extracted.”

  • Complete X amount of elimination contracts

Mission brief:

“Al Qatala has stationed several high-value

  • Complete X amount of hunt contracts

Mission brief:

“You can intercept enemy communications in order to find the location of hostile Faction operators. Use this intel to eliminate enemy squads.”

  • Enter X amount of different vehicle types in one match

Mission brief:

"Enter X amount of different vehicle types in one match"

  • Destroy X amount of vehicles.

Mission brief:

“Transportation options are limited in Saba. Destroy vehicles to immobilize the enemy.”

  • Kill X amount of grunts with headshots using a pistol

Mission brief:

"Kill X amount of grunts with headshots using a pistol"

  • Travel to X amount of different Points of Interest (POIs) in one match

Mission brief:

“We need you to familiarize yourself with the points of interest in Saba to increase our operational efficiency. Travel to as many POIs as you can and scope out the area.”

  • Wipe X amount of squads

Mission brief:

"Wipe X amount of squads targets in Saba. Intercept their communications to track them down and eliminate them.”

  • Hack X amount of UAV towers.

Mission brief:

“Al-Qatala has deployed UAV towers at many points of interest around the DMZ. These towers provide critical intel on the surrounding areas. Hack them so we can gain an informational advantage.”

Note: The ‘X” in the missions stands for whatever number of times the game will require you to do that task.

These were the all DMZ missions that you will be able to do when Warzone 2.0 finally launches. Till then you can try out the open beta for Modern Warfare 2. Both the games have been built in the same and different engine from previous CoD titles by Infinity Ward.

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 launches on November 16, 2022. It will be available on PlayStation 4, and 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

What are your thoughts on the DMZ missions list for Warzone 2.0? Let us know in the comments down below.

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