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"Ahhh... that stretch feels good." - Diona

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In today’s guide, We will be discussing how travelers can build Diona, the costs of upgrading the character, her talents, constellations, stats, artifacts, weapons, and team comps. But of course, let us begin by giving a brief introduction to the character.

The self-proclaimed “Wine Industry Slayer” and bartender of the Cat’s Tail Tavern in Mondstadt is Diona, the 4-star, Cryo Bow user who hails from Springvale. She specializes in providing affordable shielding and healing to the traveler’s teams, also paving the way for Cryo-based reactions.

An Overview

Diona’s kit points to her role as a supporting character. She can provide a decent amount of shielding with her Skill, alongside healing via her Burst and providing buffs to your teammates at constellation level 6.

Her passives can increase Movement SPD, debuff opponents, and give some extra food when using her to cook meals with restorative effects.

Diona can apply Cryo off-field, making her useful for aggressive reactions.

Diona’s Ascension and Talent Costs/ Mats

Ascending Diona gives her a boost in Cryo DMG. This isn’t very useful to her kit but good to have if you’re looking for a DPS Diona build. This guide, however, will primarily focus on her utility.

Diona’s Ascension Costs

These extra materials may be difficult to gather, you can buy the flowers off of Flora in Mondstadt. The Hoarfrost Cores may be gathered in a few days by defeating the Cryo Regisvine. The Arrowheads may be gathered by defeating Hilichurls.

Ascension Level Materials Required
Mora Cost
Level 20x1 Shivada Jade Sliver
x3 Calla Lily
x3 Firm Arrowhead
Level 40x3 Shivada Jade Fragment
x2 Hoarfrost Core
x10 Calla Lily
x15 Firm Arrowhead
Level 50x6 Shivada Jade Fragment
x4 Hoarfrost Core
x20 Calla Lily
x12 Sharp Arrowhead
Level 60x3 Shivada Jade Chunk
x8 Hoarfrost Core
x30 Calla Lily
x18 Sharp Arrowhead
Level 70x6 Shivada Jade Chunk
x12 Hoarfrost Core
x45 Calla Lily
x12 Weathered Arrowhead
Level 80x6 Shivada Jade Gemstone
x20 Hoarfrost Core
x60 Calla Lily
x24 Weathered Arrowhead
Totalsx1 Shivada Jade Sliver
x9 Shivada Jade Fragment
x9 Shivada Jade Chunk
x6 Shivada Jade Gemstone

x18 Firm Arrowhead
x30 Sharp Arrowhead
x36 Weathered Arrowhead

x46 Hoarfrost Core

x168 Calla Lily

Diona’s Talent Upgrade Costs

The following materials only account for one of Diona‘s three combat talents. The Freedom series can be farmed from Mondstadt’s Domain of Mastery on Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays.

Talent Level
Materials Required
Mora Cost
Level 2x3 Teachings of Freedom
x6 Firm Arrowhead
Level 3x2 Guide to Freedom
x3 Sharp Arrowhead
Level 4x4 Guide to Freedom
x4 Sharp Arrowhead
Level 5x6 Guide to Freedom
x6 Sharp Arrowhead
Level 6x9 Guide to Freedom
x9 Sharp Arrowhead
Level 7x4 Philosophies of Freedom
x4 Weathered Arrowhead
x1 Shard of Foul Legacy
Level 8x6 Philosophies Freedom
x6 Weathered Arrowhead
x1 Shard of Foul Legacy
Level 9x12 Philosophies of Freedom
x9 Weathered Arrowhead
x2 Shard of Foul Legacy
Level 10x16 Philosophies of Freedom
x12 Weathered Arrowhead
x2 Shard of Foul Legacy
x1 Crown of Insight
Totalsx3 Teachings of Freedom
x21 Guides of Freedom
x38 Philosophies of Freedom

x6 Firm Arrowhead
x22 Sharp Arrowhead
x31Weathered Arrowhead

x6 Shard of Foul Legacy

x1 Crown of Insight

Diona’s Talents

Diona can be an excellent addition to your team: She is one of the few affordable characters who can handle multiple tasks at once, Shields? Check. Healing? Check. Reactions? Check. Extra Movement SPD and reduced stamina? Check. Extra food? not complaining. Enemy debuffs? yes sir.

Diona’s Passive Talents

Cat’s Tail Secret Menu

Character’s shielded by Icy Paws have thier Movement SPD increased by 10% and stamina consumption reduced by 10%

Drunkard’s Farce

Opponent’s who enter the AoE of Signature Mix have thier ATK decreased by 10% for 15s.

Complimentary Bar Food

When Perfect Cooking is achieved on a dish with restorative effects, there is a 12% chance to obtain double the products.

Diona’s Normal Attack

Kätzlein Style

Diona Normal Attack
Normal Attack
Diona Charged Attack
Charged Attack

Fires of arrows in a 5-sequence volley. Focuses Cryo energy and fires off a stronger Elemental Arrow as her charged attack.

Our thoughts, and suggestions:

This talent has no relevance to her overall support kit, only upgrade her normal attacks if you’re bored or feel like memeing on the community.

Diona’s Elemental Skill

Icy Paws

Diona‘s E skill has two ways to use it. Both ways differ in cooldowns and durability of the shield applied to the character.

Skill press
E press
Skill Hold
E hold

Our thoughts, and suggestions:

If you do not have Zhongli, this ability is going to be a Godsend. Pressing E gives you a shield for 4.8s and has a CD of 6s, so it’s useful if you want to get out of a quick pinch. Holding E gives you a shield for 12s with a CD of 15s. Both have the same uptime and are available for use 80% of the time, so when you want to use this ability, it is important to take note of your sorroundings and assess the situation you’re in.

We recommend prioritizing this ability above the rest.

Diona’s Elemental Burst

Signature Mix

Diona Burst

Her burst creates field that inflicts any opponents with Cryo, also healing your own units that step into its area. This heal effect is based off Diona‘s max HP. This burst costs 80 and we recommend you upgrade it after your’e done with her skill’s upgrades.

Diona’s Constellations

A brief note is necessary here.. Please do not feel forced to roll for a character’s constellations. They are nice to have and can boost the effectiveness of a character but aren’t worth spending real-world currency on unless you have a large reserve of expendable income. 

Diona‘s constellations can increase her effectiveness, increasing shield absorption and even giving characters inside her burst AoE ludicrous amounts of Elemental Mastery

However, if you do end up getting more constellations, congratulations! Let us get you familiar with Diona‘s Stella Fortuna.

Constellation Lv.1

A Lingering Flavour

Diona C1

This is a favourable upgrade, as it reduces the need for excessively investing into Energy Recharge on your artifacts and/or weapons.

Constellation Lv.2

Shaken, Not Purred

Diona C2

Another welcome upgrade, the 15% increased absorption and giving shields to your Co-OP team mates can aid in conquering powerful bosses. 15% DMG increase is, just there.

Constellation Lv.3 + Lv.5

A-Another Round? + Double Shot, on the Rocks

Diona C3 and C5
c3 and c5

These two constellations buff the Skills and Bursts of every character in the Genshin world. More often than not, a character’s C3 upgrade’s their Elemental Skill

Constellation Lv.4

Wine Industry Slayer

Diona C4

Empowers a DPS Diona build.

Constellation Lv.6

Cat’s Tail Closing Time

Diona C6

Diona‘s c6 is an excellent ability to have, with this, she can buff characters like Kazuha or Tighnari whose kits make use of EM stat. Moreover, she can make Melt reaction comps pretty powerful since her burst applies Cryo, the Pyro character can then step into its AoE and trigger a devastating reaction.

Diona’s Best Artifact Sets

For her artifact sets, she has a lotta good options, notable ones include Maiden Beloved and Tenacity of the Millelith. The Exile/Emblem of Severed Fate sets are also favoured when looking for more energy. It is important to consider factors such as characters already owned, playstyle and availability before building Diona with these artifacts.

Maiden Beloved/ Tenacity of the Millelith 2pc.

Tenacity Set and Maidens Set
Maiden Beloved/ Tenactiy of the Millelith

This combination offers a nice balanced build for Diona. Empowering her Skill with the two piece Millelith set and increasing her Bursts effects with help from both Millelith and Maiden Beloved.

Tenacity of the Millelith + Exile/ Emblem of Severed Fate

Tenacity and Exile Sets
Exile/ Emblem of Severed Fate and Tenactiy of the Millelith

If you want to use a Heal-focus build for Diona, this combination could be your ally as it increased the chances of you using her burst on cooldown. This is especially useful if you do not have any other Cryo characters on your team.

Diona’s Best Stats on Artifact Sets

The stats will differ depending on whether you want more health/shields or heals.

An HP main stat is your go to when deciding which goblet to use.

For her sands, as mentioned, you can go either HP or Energy Recharge as your Main stats. Both are good and both strictly depend on the scenario.

For her circlet, we recommend going either Healing Bonus or more HP, again, depending on what you’re looking for.

Diona’s Best Weapons

Favonius Warbow

Favonius Warbow
Favonius Warbow

The Favonius Warbow is an excellent choice for Diona, the high energy substat and the passive also giving extra energy should keep your team in tiptop shape.

Sacrificial Bow

Sacrificial Bow
Sacrificial Bow

Travelers may find the 3s downtime on her skill annoying, unlike Zhongli, who can keep his shield up infinitely, Diona needs to wait for her Skill to cool down. This bow can help in numbing that issue. Although, note that this effect proccing depends on some probability, so a high refinement bow is recommended. The energy recharge substat is also pretty decent. This bow is a balanced choice!

Recurve Bow

Recurve Bow
Recurve Bow

This bow greatly increases Diona‘s shield’s durability and also the HP recovered per burst tick, not a popular choice since the traveler has to invest in ER which depends on RNG and resin. However, the 3-star option is viable once you’re comfortable with Cryo rotations and the 3-second downtime.

Diona’s Best Teams

Diona can function as the team’s Cryo applier, shielder, healer, and EM buffer all at once! So its fair to state that Diona can work with almost any appropriate team comp.

If you need that extra Cryo Resonance, or just need to fill in space, maybe your Zhongli‘s busy in another team playing in the Spiral Abyss, Diona has you covered. Although, there are popular comps that make use of the Freeze reaction :

Diona's Best Teams
Viable Freeze Teams. Source: Genshin.gg

The principle behind such teams is the same, make use of Mona‘s Hydro application with her E, Venti’s burst or E to swirl Hydro, and then murder everything with Ganyu or Ayaka. Using Diona to shield yourself and heal when necessary, freezing the enemies occasionally. But most importantly, providing the team with extra CRIT Rate because of Cryo Resonance.


And that is it for our guide on Diona‘s build! Do you have any suggestions? Thoughts on what we should write about next? Please mention them in the comments. We look forward to them! Also, be sure to check out our codes page to get some extra primogems! Maybe you want to play other games like Genshin? We have you covered!

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