E3 2023 Has Been Canceled

E3 2023 Has Been Canceled After Major Parties Announce They'll Skip This Year's Event

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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  • E3 2023 canceled
  • Major parties announced a skip from E3
  • Officialy announced by The ESA

We all saw it coming now, didn’t we? ReedPop and The ESA have announced that E3 2023 has now been canceled. While the event was supposed to kick off on June 13, things didn’t shape well for it at all. With major players like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo announcing that they won’t be present at the event, many were wondering if it could still go on. And now it can’t anymore.

E3 2023: A Major Doubt Amidst Reports of Cancelation

While the big 3 announced they’re skipping E3 this year a while ago, more companies followed recently. Ubisoft, Sega, and Tencent also announced the decision to pull off from the event leaving no major name a part of it. If all this wasn’t enough, Andy Robinson also Tweeted about E3 2023 being canceled.

In the latest Tweet on E3 official page, ReedPop and ESA confirmed the cancellation of E3 2023. They’ve revealed that both the physical and digital versions of the event have been called off. This to us gamers is a massive end of an era, because things don’t look particularly well for the coming years either. An event once deemed the flagship of the year has fallen from grace.

While all major companies have already announced their showcase events, E3 always held a special place. Separate virtual events are cool, but being there amongst such big names, and physically watching new stuff getting announced can’t be matched by live streams. And for that E3 will always have its spiritual value, even if things aren’t headed the right way currently.

What are your thoughts on the cancelation of E3 2023? Let us know in the comments down below.

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