EA Could be Developing an Iron Man Game

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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Iron Man

San Diego Comic-con was a huge show for Marvel. They finally revealed the way MCU was heading. Quickly after that, taking advantage of the hype, famous journalist Jeff Grubb revealed that a Black Panther game by EA is reportedly in development.

Similarly, Tom Henderson, revealed that another Marvel game is in works. Shpeshal Nick also confirmed the news and added that it is being developed by EA but there’s no solid news. However, now Iron Man fans can rejoice as Iron Man game is indeed in works by EA.

Speaking in his podacst Xbox Era, Nick confimred the development of Iron Man game. He stated that he didn’t want to hint about the game earlier as he wasn’t so sure about what Marvel franchise it was targetting but now the news is legitimate.

The Iron Man game will reportedly be a single-player shooter game. It is very likely that it will be an open world just like Black Panther will be according to the rumors. We have seen Tony Stark being adapted into a game on several occasions already.

There has been a mobile flight and shoot game and also a VR game. Iron Man was also a major part of 2020’s Marvel Avengers game. But this will be the first time we will be getting a standalone Iron Man title with a larger scope.

Another great ally of EA is Anthem. Anthem though not the best of the games (in terms of story and combat) does one thing right and that is flight. Marvel could use Anthem as a base for Iron Man’s flight and with improved combat we could have a great title in our hands.

Last week, EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson stated about the importance of single-player games despire multiplayer games being the more prefered by the people. This was a turn back from their original statement when EA said that multiplayer games are more important.

We have seen some great single player games from EA over the years in the forom of Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, Dead Space Remake etc. Even the upcoming Star Wars: Jedi Survivor looks great from the trailer.

EA for now has been tight-lipped about the existance of the game. We really hope that we see some confirmation or something related to the game soon. Also, if you are a fan of Marvel its a great time to be alive as Marvel’s Spiderman 2, Marvel’s Wolverine and Black Panther are also in works.

Would you guys be interested in playing as the Iron Man in a game? Let us know you thoughts in the comments.

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