EA Reportedly Developing Black Panther Game

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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Just a couple of days ago Marvel went big at San Diego Comic-con announcing a ton of new movies and shows. This included 2 news Avenger movies along with a Black Panther sequel trailer.

If that wasn’t enough, adding to the hype, senior journalist Jeff Grubb Tweeted that a Black Panther game is under development. In a recent Tweet, he stated that he will reveal further information about the game the next day in this podcast Game mess.

More Information on The Game

The podcast is finally out and now we have more news on the game. The most exciting takeaway from the entire podcast is certainly the reveal of the publisher. EA is the team that is going to publish the game.

The Black Panther game is in the stages of early development and is being developed under a new and undisclosed Studio working with EA as its publisher.

Jeff further revealed that it will be a single-player open-world adventure game. The player will take over the Black Panther’s mantel after the previous one’s death and begin their own adventure as the king of Wakanda.

However, that’s all we know about the game currently. We have already seen Black Panther in the previous game from Marvel, Marvel’s Avengers. But it’s the first time we are witnessing a solo Black Panther game. Also, it will most likely take place in a new universe that has nothing to do with the MCU or other Marvel games.

While Insomniac would have been the obvious choice for a game like this owing to the success of Marvel’s Spiderman, EA has been handed over the job. Though one could argue that EA might not be the best choice, they have a great foundation laid post the immense success of Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order.

Expected Launch

The biggest question right now is when can we expect the game to launch. Considering that currently, the game is in early development it is very safe to say that it is at least a few years away. So, at this stage, we can’t guess the time frame of the game.

This was all the information revealed by Jeff Grubb as of now. We are hoping we will get to know more about the game in the near future. Till then stay tuned as we will keep you updated.

Are you excited to be the Black Panther and start your own adventure in an open world? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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