EA Reveals New And Improved Features of EA Sports FC 24’s Ultimate Team Mode

Samam Hasan
Samam Hasan
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Electronic Arts (EA) has recently revealed some new and improved features of the Ultimate Team mode of the upcoming EA FC 24. Ultimate Team is the most popular game mode in the developer’s premier football title, and these features will surely affect how players play the game.

EA Sports FC Ultimate Team New Features Revealed

The first thing EA expanded upon is Evolution players. These players can be improved and customised for your Club. Generally, you can upgrade any lowe-rated player from any club by improving their abilities, skills, work rates and more. The Evolution player card will also receive visual upgrades as you put them through multiple evolutions over the course of the game, which can provide a unique card all to yourself. Some evolutions will be available for a limited time and updated regularly to keep the game fresh. Though players will be able to use their Evolution players in matches, they can not be sold in the Transfer Market.

Ultimate Team will also include women players for the first time in the series history with the addition of five new leagues:

  • Barclays Women’s Super League (England)
  • D1 Arkema (France)
  • Google Pixel Frauen-Bundesliga (Germany)
  • Liga F (Spain)
  • National Women’s Soccer League (United States)

Additionally, some women players from the UEFA Women’s Champions League will also be available. The best women players to ever play the game will also be available as ICONs and Heroes in the game. They are also tradeable in the transfer market and available in packs as well. Male and female players for the same club will also receive chemistry links.

Playstyles will also be able for the players if you want to go for a specific one, like Haaland’s acrobatic ability. The quality of life improvements includes the better visual design of the objectives section, ability to claim all objective rewards, item designs, ease of navigation and decreased Squad Battles length to four minutes.

With all these new and improved features in Ultimate Team, EA FC 24 will certainly be a game worth trying out when it releases on September 29 this year.

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